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The 2018 Beer Mansion Tour Is Here To Solve Your Problems

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Every beer drinker knows the conundrum: you find yourself at the end of another work week, ready to go out and have some fun. You get in touch with the rest of your crew, and the debate begins: what’s the vibe for the night?

Are you going to get over to that hip underground spot for loud live music and cold beer in cans?

Maybe you’re in the mood to cruise around one of the weird parts of town, packed with shops, snacks, and odd little holes-in-the-wall?

Perhaps you’re in the mood to put on That Outfit and go somewhere swanky?

Or could it be you’re in the mood for a good old-fashioned dive, with a solid jukebox and a handful of games?

If you take the time to listen to everyone’s pros, cons, and weird, flaky nonsense, you’re going to end up on the couch alone again. Not that that isn’t fun sometimes, of course, but this isn’t that night. This is where Beer Mansion comes in.

scott pilgrim gets it

With Beer Mansion in town, you have all the parties you need under one roof. Get your game on with the laid-back vibe of The Arcade. Get fancy in The Speakeasy without even changing your shoes. Go exploring in the twists and turns of The Bazaar. And thrash away with live music in The Show. Work your way throughout Beer Mansion and you’ll find an unending array of local breweries, pop-up shops, technological wonders, and a few things from way out of left field. No matter how fractured your crew’s opinions, Beer Mansion has something for everyone.

Beer Mansion is coming to four cities this year, starting in our home borough of Brooklyn:

Brooklyn April 13 & 14 (tickets on sale now!)
Dallas June 15 & 16
Atlanta September 14 & 15
Minneapolis October 26 & 27

RSVP at those links above, and you’ll be in the loop for ticket sales, music lineups, beer info and more. You’ve got plenty of time to plan– get your friends together, pick your session (or sessions) and come explore Beer Mansion with us.

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