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Our Search For Space

As you may know, we here at the brewery have been searching for a suitable site for a new brewery to help serve growing demand for our beer here in the States and abroad. The goal is to develop a facility that can handle our volume growth for decades to come, that gives us the flexibility and efficiency to produce the variety of craft beer styles that our global craft beer fans demand, and to be able to deliver those efficiently to all of our domestic and global markets.

So far, we’ve explored spots all over metro New York, including two different places on Staten Island. Today, a proposal for another potential site is being made public. The location is the Stewart Airport in Orange County, New York, about two hours north of Brooklyn, with plenty of space to accommodate our plans.

We are excited by the options available to us, and we thank NYC, NYS, and the Port Authority for their help in finding suitable locations.   We anticipate making our final choice of location by the end of this year.

Now as you also may know, this is not the only brewery project that we’re working on. Let’s take a moment to review what else is going on:

  1. We are still brewing tasty beer here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and we hope to continue to do so for as long as possible. While our current lease will expire in 2025 we will attempt to extend that lease in order to keep one foot in our original home. For now, don’t worry about that, just come by for a beer, like always.
  2. We are still designing and building a new brewery in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This incredibly exciting project will ensure that no matter what happens in Williamsburg, we are certain to have a home in Brooklyn, only about a mile away from where we currently reside. As reported earlier, our Navy Yard location will house a 50k barrel brewery, new offices and a sprawling rooftop beer garden marrying a wide array of our beers with awesome food and spectacular views of New York City.
  3. We continue to develop and expand our family of sister breweries around the world. One of the great joys of working at Brooklyn is the excitement and opportunities that our beer creates internationally. We love to travel and so does our beer. We’ve found exceptional partners with whom we’ve created new brands for some of the most dynamic beer communities on Earth. With sister breweries in Sweden, Norway and a couple more on the way, we’re establishing an unprecedented network of craft breweries with a shared global brewing knowledge that’s unlike anything before it. Look out in early 2017 for the opening of our next sister brewery in South Korea.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for what’s next.
Eric Ottaway,
Co-owner and CEO


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