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After a year of building capacity and support here in Brooklyn, we’re finally ready to venture out and see the light of day, and what bright lights we decided to walk out into. Our first new American territory in two years is going to be Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re proud to be partnering with Southern Wine, who have strong history of beer and craft education under their belts. Ah, Sin City. The bright lights city; Wayne Newton, Sigfried & Roy, Penn & Teller, other ampersanded duos, and now, Brooklyn Brewery.

We’ve always been an international city; the port of New York being a melting pot of cultures and now tourism. There may be no other American icon to rival New York City as a destination but Las Vegas. As Las Vegas grew from desert outpost to ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’ the Brooklyn Brewery grew from an office in Park Slope, to exporting to Japan in 1989, to now being on the world stage, opening locations around the globe and expanding here in the states. Joining us on our jump across the Mississippi is our good friend and neighbor, Brooklyn Bowl opening a location in a new complex called the Linq. With such a good partner stationing in a new territory we’ll be poised to slowly take over the entire strip in the upcoming years. Look for the Brooklyn Brewery casino in 2017. (Not really.)

Whether experiencing fear and/or loathing or, like me, just checking out the amazing sights, Las Vegas will be a great market for gambling puns. So, make the sure bet, every hand… Brooklyn Lager.

For a current list of locations check out our beer finder and check out our list of true believers below:

High End:
Todd English Pub
Rick Moonen’s Seafood
Craft Steak
Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse
Michael Mina

Neighborhood Notables:
Velveteen Rabbit
Atomic Liquors
Aces and Ales
Freakin Frog

  • Concerned

    One of your Las Vegas drivers almost caused a serious accident this morning, 15 Apr 14, 8:40 coming out of a parking lot at Decatur and Lone Mountain. He was turning left onto Decatur. He did not stop at the stop sign and pulled out in front of oncoming traffic and in front of me as I was in the turn lane turning left into the same parking lot. I clearly had the right of way and he didn’t even look. The person in the oncoming lane luckily slowed done and stooped otherwise he would have been.

    • Concerned

      Should have said slowed down and stopped…

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