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Visit our Sister Breweries

We’re Coming To Klaipeda


Before we tell you all about our newest sister brewery project, go get a map. An atlas is perfect if you have one, but Google will work too. Now flip to Europe, then scroll way over to Eastern Europe, then waaay up to Lithuania, a small, freedom-loving nation on the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Yes, east of Sweden and Denmark.

Got it? No, move your finger. There: Klaipeda, Lithuania, home to a thriving port, vibrant artistic community, wild weather, and a surprisingly robust craft beer community. Look a little closer and you’ll see Svyturys Brewery, our newest member of our international brewing family.

svyturys renderingThe Svyturys team have been exploring the boundaries of craft beer for years. Lithuania as a whole is experiencing the most productive portion of their own craft beer revolution, and Svyturys has consistently been at the front of this wave with top-quality and delicious beers. We’re teaming up with them to keep pushing beer forward. We’re already working on building a barrel aging cellar, tasting rooms, and a restaurant to showcase the harmony of beer and food.

svyturys constructionSoon, Svyturys will serve as a destination for beer lovers worldwide, just like our Tasting Room in Brooklyn and our fellow sister breweries in Sweden, Norway, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Our vision of a worldwide network of excellent beer, food, family and friends is taking shape, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

(And for those of you looking at the map and noticing the neighboring Russian military enclave at Kaliningrad, don’t worry. Trump and Putin are good friends, so there’s nothing to fret about.)

We’ll let you know when we start throwing opening parties for our newest family member. In the meantime, raise your glasses towards the north and prepare for the newest face in Lithuanian craft beer to blow your mind.

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