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Read This: “Kosher beers for Hanukkah”

For those beer lovers out there keeping kosher this holiday season, have no fear: a bevy of craft beers are certified kosher, including our very own wintertime classic, Black Chocolate Stout (see a complete list of our kosher beers below). Read what Garrett has to say on drinking kosher, and beer at the table, via the Oxford University Press blog. And while we have you: Happy Holidays.

The following downright delicious Brooklyn beers are certified kosher:

+ Black Chocolate Stout (12oz bottle & draft)
+ Brown Ale (12oz bottle)
+ East India Pale Ale (12oz bottle)
+ Lager (12oz bottle, 12 & 16oz can, & draft)
+ Monster Ale (12oz bottle & draft)
+ Oktoberfest (12oz bottle & draft)
+ Pennant Ale (12oz bottle)
+ Pilsner (12oz bottle & draft)
+ Post Road Pumpkin Ale (12oz bottle & draft)
+ Summer Ale (12oz bottle & 12oz can)
+ Winter Ale (12oz bottle & draft)

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