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Brooklyn Blackout @ The Brooklyn Brewery, April 14

Whether you’re a fan of goth-punk or you have a migraine-induced sensitivity to light, this April 14 event is for you. Right here within the Brewery confines, we’ll be paying homage to the old Hindy warehouse parties of yore, with unlimited taps of some of our darkest beers (Dry Irish Stout and current Brewmaster’s Reserve Mary’s Maple Porter) as well as a midnight tasting of the eternally-dark vintage Black Chocolate Stout. Oh, and if it isn’t clear yet, the theme of this particular get-together is darkness, so come dressed in dark attire and get ready to dance to the seriously dark dance tunes of DJ Seek10. Tickets are $20; you can get yours by clicking on the button below.

  • Taminanc

    This time, it’s above the table, and they’re calling it Brooklyn Blackout. It’s a celebration of darkness: drink dark beer, eat dark food, and dance to dark music in the darkness… and it’s just $20

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