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Brooklyn Goes To The Bronx River Park


Gang’s all here.

Anyone with an Instagram knows that fall is prime time for folks to leave New York City for day trips into the Hudson Valley to take golden-hued pictures of themselves and their significant others with apples, pumpkin patches, and mysteriously, never the traffic on the Teconic. We took a slightly different tack this year and teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation and Bronx River Alliance. On Saturday, September 30, seven of Brooklyn Brewery’s lightest-sleeping environmentalists headed up to the Bronx River Park to help clean up and replant the area.

Our team joined 12 other volunteers for the monthly volunteer day at the park. The team was split in two: half went to record and remove garbage from the Bronx River itself, while the other half went to work planting saplings at a recently converted roadway within the park.


L-R: Justin imitates Bob Dylan; Pedro & Brian get their hands dirty; Jess spots the photographer.

Both crews worked through the morning to avoid the heat of midday. The river crew hauled out hundreds of pounds of refuse, and the trail team planted a whopping 260 saplings for trees, shrubs, and bushes. It was the first time most of our team had been to the Bronx River Park, but even the most dedicated one-borough members are already planning return trips. The park is beautiful on its own, but with more work from volunteers it can truly flourish. It also happens to be walking distance from our friends at Gun Hill Brewery, which makes it more than worth the trip.

To get involved at the Bronx River Park, check in here for volunteer opportunities and other support channels. Who knows, you just might spy a troupe of Brooklyn Brewery employees getting their hands dirty.

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