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E.C. Dahl’s Is Coming To Visit

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From left: Dahl’s Ambassador Kristian Berger, Brewmaster Wolf Lindell, Håkon Gullvåg, and Brewmaster Garrett Oliver.

The best part of having sister breweries is the family reunions. Our friends from E.C. Dahl’s, our Trondheim, Norway-based sister, are heading our way next week to share beers, stories, and art in our Tasting Room for the next month, and we’re thrilled to have them hanging out with us.

One of the most exciting parts of E.C. Dahl’s visit is the debut of our new collaboration beer. Our Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, Dahl’s Brewmaster Wolf Lindell, and famed Norwegian artist Håkon Gullvåg met up earlier this year to talk art and make beer. The final result is an imperial porter aged in aquavit barrels, dubbed Gullvåg in honor of the artist himself. We’ll also have several of his paintings on display, transforming our Tasting Room into a miniature gallery.

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We’re kicking things off with a party on Tuesday, October 23 to unveil the paintings and tap the first kegs of E.C. Dahl’s beer. These beers are virtually impossible to get in the United States, so it’s a prime chance to taste your way through some of the most intriguing beers in their lineup. RSVP here for the party, and check out the full list of beers below. We’ll see you in the Tasting Room soon.

Gullvåg – 12% ABV – Dark, complex, and surprisingly dry imperial porter brewed with Mauritius sugar and aged in aquavit barrels. Brewed in collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery and E.C. Dahls.

Martina – 12% ABV – Assertively vinuous “beersecco” lager brewed with grape juice and Nelson Sauvin hops and fermented with a blend of wine yeast and the famous 70 year old E.C. Dahls lager yeast strain.

Kyoto – 9% ABV – Fresh, sour, and uplifting beer brewed with passion fruit, lemon, juniper berry, mint, peppermint and fruit-forward hops to emulate the famed Kyoto cocktail developed by E.C. Dahl’s partner Roar Hildonen.

Ramp Pale Ale – 4.6% ABV – Crisp and drinkable pale ale brewed in tribute to the artists, workers, and rebels with a mission in the Lamo neighborhood where E.C. Dahl’s is located.

Lamo Wit – 5.5% ABV – Lively witbier brewed with coriander seeds, orange peel, and rosehips inspired by the sea air in E.C. Dahl’s neighborhood.

Bolt IPA – 6.9% ABV – Flavorful West Coast-style IPA named in honor of the Archbishop of Nidaro’s Aslak Bolt, one of the first champions of hops in brewing during the Middle Ages.

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