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Schraderbrau: Saying Goodbye to Our Favorite Fictional Homebrewer

Well it’s finally here, our favorite show about a meth chemist’s last season. But who knew through all of this that the true artisan would be Hank Schrader?


The man is bottling his own beer, (in episode “Breakage” S02E05) even though it turns out to be overcarbonated,


and even offering up his own homebrew as a prize in local fundraisers (in episode “ABQ” S02E13).


Sure Gabe could brew his own coffee but our man Hank has a two tap system!


What could the Scraderbrau be? A Munich Helles? A Czech Pilsner? Maybe an American IPA? There have been plenty of tribute beers to Breaking Bad. Hank himself even had a slogan contest, that it seems people are still entering four years later. We know it’s “brewed to silky perfection” but it would seem to me the Schraderbrau needs a better description. So comment below and the best recipe or beer style befitting our anti-anti-hero will get a gift package courtesy of us here at Brooklyn Bloggery.

  • Phip Shelton

    anything brewed with mineral water


    A Black Pilsner

  • Colter Koch

    A crisp american lager with silky malt notes, and brewed meth free!

  • Ian Titus

    Oatmeal pale ale

  • Ole

    I am gonna go with a nice Bock. The way I see our dear Schrader this really fits his person. A generally smooth beer, but with more kick and depth behind the scenes than you might expect.

    Strong german roots here, so a malty brew with caramel Malts to give it a full body and sweetness. Also definetly some roasted malts and a hint of chocolat malts for character.
    Easy on the bittering, maybe done with something like Polaris for a smooth character, just enough to keep things from going too sweet.
    For a little extra flavour and a twist a little more aroma hops than are common, perhaps a bit of the german Perle and Willamette on the american side to give it that little extra depth.
    Finish that off with the usual low carbonation and bäm, you got Schraderbrau!

  • Jo Hayes

    A crisp, refreshing, American Lager – Heisenberg has nothing on this.

  • Jase Hicks

    A rauchbier!

  • Andy

    So smooth…. we call it The Brazilian.

  • tallguy y

    Sacrebleu….tastes like pumpkin beer!!! Made with baked seasoned squash (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger) with a hit of chocolate added. This ale will make you wonder how it cant have pumpkins in it? Sacrebleu!!!!!!

  • Ross Brunetti

    ASAC – Always Silky, Always Cold

  • JMM

    English Bitter Ale

  • Collin


  • NAL

    Hmm… brewed to ‘silky perfection’…. mysterious….from the worlds greatest brewery… I’m going with: a Brooklyn Mistress – when fantasies become real.

  • Geoff

    Schraderbrau – a defiant blend of bold flavors with an unrelenting pursuit of satisfaction.

  • Stephen Harvey

    Schraderbrau – A tastegasm of mind blowing, soul destroying, earth shattering, knee buckling flavor.

  • John C

    I vote for a blonde bock, name it breaking bock, deceptively delicious.

  • bobwfmu

    DEA — double english ale! that or Blue Smoke Ale.

  • Doc Work

    So good, it should be illegal” or “So good, it just might be illegal” (I also posted this on your facebook page, since you didn’t say where we should post the slogans.)

  • John Smith

    Weizenberg: I am the one who bocks.

  • Guest

    You mean Gale (Boettinger ) not Gabe. Why doesn’t he ask Walt (a chemist ) for advice?

  • Rodarte-Quayle

    Octoberfest. Makes perfect sense. Hank’s signature color on the show is orange. Pumpkins, fall foliage, etc. Given his penchant for smack talk and Hawaiian shirts, it makes sense that he would be attracted to brewing a spice-laden, potentially flashy beer.

  • Donna Owens

    Schraderbrau has to be a Doppelbock! Bocks, you may know them as beers with goats on the label and are relatively strong German lagers. Doppelbocks ~ as the name might suggest ~ are typically even stronger and contain enough malty goodness that they are really a meal in a glass! They typically have a full-bodied flavor and are darker than their little Bock brothers. All of this and a higher level of alcohol too! They range in color from dark amber to nearly black, and dark versions often have slight chocolate or roasted flavor. Very rich and complex, much like our friend Hank Schrader!

  • Ozzy Keller

    Sharderbrau? Ale Yeah!

  • Matt Casey

    Schraderbrau has to be a bock. (Vince Gilligan described Hank as an “$%#hole jock” which rhymes with bock.) It would be suitable for drinking in early Spring, a time at which purple is worn. There would be no question as to the taste of Schraderbrau. It would clearly have a traditional malty taste to commemmorate Hank’s traditional morals and common sense attitude toward right and wrong. Silantro and calypso hops would be added very sparingly during the brewing process adding a mysteriously subtle flavor to represent the complexity of Hank’s character (e.g. PTSD) that might not seem at all obvious to those closest to him. There’s a hint of Lilac on the nose to represent the sensitivity sequestered beneath those layers of stubornness and jadedness. Oh, and for obvious reasons, mineral water would be added. NOT rock water. Schraderbrau is the cocky jock bock. It’s a session beer that you should drink in the company of gregarious B.S.ers like Hank while busting balls with guys like Gomey. Most of all, it’s floural aroma should conjur the complacency exposed in hardened men by women with the bold serenity of Marie.

    (Please make a Brooklyn Brewery Schraderbrau. It would make Brooklyn Brewery/Breaking Bad fanatics so happy.)

  • Veritas_Vulgaris

    Wheat beer / hefeweizen

  • Waltmart

    wonder what if walt went into brewing beers, I bet margins would be unacceptable initially but over time he could still have made it.

  • Jeff Blodgett

    If you look at the picture, you’ll see a golden orange beer with a thick, white head. It’s a bavarian-style weißier. No question. In fact, the color looks exactly like Paulaner Hefeweizen in the sunlight.

  • Jadedude

    There needs to be a Skyler brew: “I fu@ked your head.”

  • Erno-BE

    You are stupid Americans. You don’t know anything about beer. Europeans know best when it comes to beer!

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