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We Teamed Up With KCBC To Get Our Escape Goat


It’s been a fair amount of time since our last collaboration, so we recently got together with our friends at Kings County Brewers Collective to brew an old-school lager ready for some summer crushing. We’ve been friends with the KCBC for years– Brew Commander and Co-Owner Pete Lengyel even worked here for a while in his early days on the NYC beer scene.

Our brewers came together and set forth to create a “Julybock,” a seasonally updated version of the classic maibock lager style. They set out with a ceremonial high five over the kettle:


Then spent some time either discussing brewing techniques or playing Fortnite:


There were more high fives:


And now, after several weeks of fermentation and lagering to condition the beer, Escape Goat is pouring forth from the taps to make the whole team proud:


You can catch Escape Goat on tap in our Tasting Room right now. It’s bright, crisp, and refreshing, with a pleasant wave of floral hops and a decidedly sneaky 6.5% ABV to keep things interesting. Be quick though, as this is a limited batch and we’ve been drinking a lot of it ourselves. After all, we have a brew coming up at KCBC soon, and it takes plenty of beer to come up with these ideas.

  • Skip Jamison

    Is your location the old Piel’s Brewery ?

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