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Push-ups For Pig Heads @ The Great GoogaMooga

At the Great GoogaMooga yesterday, a severed pig head wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette at The Meat Hook booth was the prize of Justin Rick, our new brewer. Justin was minding his own, sipping beer in the Prospect Park Nethermead, when he heard the cries of butcher Brent Young challenging all to a push-up competition — if defeated, Brent promised to relinquish a freshly cured pig head.

It just so happens that aside from being adept at brewing beer, Justin is also an expert ground pusher. Brent put down a honorable number of push-ups, but it just wasn’t enough to save his head. Watch the competition here, and see below for a shot of the Lord of The Flies style feasting that ensued (eating of the eyeball not shown)…

  • Skylar Rick

    Go Justin! Proud of my brother!

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