Following  the  Legend:  Black  Ops  comes  to  Australia  


Following the Legend: Black Ops comes to Australia

It is difficult to say where legends start, or where they’ll show up next. Take Brooklyn Black Ops, for example: shrouded in mystery, imbued with the power of imperial stout meeting Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon casks, and always popping up in unexpected places. This time, we’ve got a tip: the 2019 vintage of Black Ops is heading to Australia.

Brace yourselves, Melbourne. This week, Black Ops emerges with subterfuge in its oaken heart. We’re hosting a live tasting connecting our Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and Cherry Murphy of Blackhearts & Sparrows to take you through the inspiration, process, and many occasions of Black Ops. There’s only a couple hundred bottles of Black Ops in the area, so snag yours while you can.

To join in the fun, click here for our YouTube streaming page. You can also click here to purchase a bottle of your own and truly feel the spirit of the occasion. And if you’re located in Perth, click here for more.

If you can’t make it, don’t dismay— a recording of the event will live on at the YouTube link, and Black Ops will return someday.