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Bun If By Land, Two If By Sea: The Nordic Hot Dog Championship Semifinalists Come To Brooklyn

Scores of recipe submissions and tense rounds of tastings have finally come to a head: two Scandinavian amateur semifinalists have been selected to take on all comers in the Nordic Hot Dog Championship at Brooklyn Brewery on September 15. Learn more about them and their crowd pleasing recipes below.


From Norway we have the honor of introducing Dellie Wakeham, also known as Dellie Delicious on her food blog. Her entry combines traditional Nordic flavors with classical hot dog elements, resulting in a dog featuring a soft bun, juicy lamb sausage, crisp bacon, chantarelles and mustard aioli that she describes as the “ultimate hot dog.” You can find her on Instagram @delliedelicious before meeting her at the championships.

Representing Sweden we have Egil Ekbom, barbecue enthusiast and lover of craft beer and hot sauce. His recipe brings together Vässterbotten cheese to add depth to the dog, lingonberry chipotle ketchup and a relish made of the “black gold of the forest,” Yellowfoot mushrooms. Check out his Instagram @egilekbom before the big day.

Dellie and Egil are up against some steep competition on September 15. Professional chefs Fredrick Andersson, Leif Sørensen, Martin Høedholt, Neal Fraser, Paul Backer, Richard McCormick and Sami Tallberg have all been devising their own Nordic hot dog recipes as well, ensuring this competition will be a delicious fight to the finish. Come down, try the dogs and see who is crowned at the Nordic Hot Dog Champion at NORTH Festival.

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