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These are not just wooden cylindrical vessels. No. They have been used to make one of our favorite beers, the name of which we’ve taken oaths to never speak. It’s that special.

But the fact is we don’t have the space to hang on to these stout fellows, unless we stop making new beer altogether, which is downright preposterous. So we’re giving barrels away to anyone who will put them to good use (and who can come to Williamsburg to pick them up).

What would you do with an empty bourbon barrel that was used to make a certain strong stout? Here are a few ideas to get things started:

+ Have a backyard? Cut the barrels in half and use them to plant veggies.

+ Are you freezing cold? Booze-soaked wood is great for making fire.

+ Need a place to hide your Beanie Babies? You now have a place to hide your shame.

We’ll be posting updates on the giveaways on Facebook, so be sure to click in. Please note that all barrels must be picked up at our warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • Colleen

    Do you still have barrels to give away? I would like to pick up a few for my garden

  • Brian Green

    Do you still have some of these barrels? I’d like a couple!

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