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William Bros Collab - A Wee bit

A Wee Bit of Collaboration

A Wee Bit is a small 50bbl collaboration we brewed up with William Bros. It will be available in super-limited quantities only in the UK. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

From the desk of Production Manager, Jimmy Valm,

On a cold November morning, myself and another one of our brewers, Kyle Wilson, descended on the Williams Brothers Brewing Co. in Alloa, Scotland to brew up some magic. Together we brewed a fine Scotch Ale that combines some of the more unique aspects of our respective fatherlands, using Scottish Peated Malt, treacle & molasses, Scottish honey, Brooklyn yeast, and our combined creativity and ingenuity. The result is A Wee Bit, an intriguing dark ale that at 4.8% ABV is eminently sessionable and leaves the drinker with a wondrous sense of the two distinct places this beer was born from, the non-stop liveliness of Brooklyn and the old magic of the Scottish hills.

This collaboration had been a long time coming, our Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, has spent many late nights in pubs all around Britain and is old friends with Bruce Williams, who also spends 3-4 months each year in his NYC apartment. The two began talking about working together on a collaboration a few years ago, and we finally got the opportunity this Autumn. This project is made all the more exceptional by the fact that an old friend from my days studying brewing at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Jamie Carmichael, is one of the brewers at Williams Brothers! If there was ever a collaboration that was destined to happen, this is it, and we did not let destiny down!

Unfortunately for those on this side of the pond, A Wee Bit will be available strictly to customers in the United Kingdom. Casks of A Wee Bit are already getting around, they’ve been at a few pubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and bottles and kegs will begin pouring all around the UK later in January.  Get in while you can, ‘cuz when it’s gone it’s gone. Sláinte mhath!

Wee Bit Photo

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  • Colin.

    At last! We have something that YOU want on our side of the Atlantic. I look forward to stepping outside my east Glasgow tenement flat, getting our orange circular subway, travelling a few minutes to the West End and purchasing a few bottles.Thanks to a link from The Cave in Kelvinbridge.
    I’ll be in NYC in October if anyone wants a bottle? Cheers.

    • Maia Raposo

      We would love that, Colin.

  • redantway

    Had some in Edinburgh. Wish we could get this in the states.

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