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And Now, A Word From E.C. Dahls


It’s been just over a year since we first announced that E.C. Dahls would be entering the Brooklyn Brewery family. It’s been a busy year for our family in Trondheim, but we’re starting to see some exciting news come out of the brewery. And as the old saying goes, where there’s news, there’s beer. k berger web crop

First of all, our team is in place and hard at work. The fellow in the picture above is Kristian Berger, our Brewery Ambassador, who at the time was visiting us here in Brooklyn. Kristian is dedicated to spreading the word about E.C. Dahls and its excellent beers throughout Norway.

ecd leadership

Photo: Leikny Kristine Havik Skjaerseth

Those beers are produced by Brewmaster Wolfgang Lindell, at left in the picture above. Wolfgang is a transplant from Montana who has been creating award-winning beers throughout Europe for several decades, working his way up from a maltster to our Brewmaster. We’re also lucky to have Erik Norgård, on the right in the picture above, on board to lead the production team after many years working on successful projects in Norway.

ecd brewing team edit

Over the past couple of months, the team started brewing some of our first batches in the new E.C. Dahls brewhouse! It’ll take some time before our larger test batches are ready, but early recipe testing is pointing to some excellent results in the brewhouse. Whenever we ask for the team sample beers, it seems that they’ve mysteriously vanished into the glasses of the brewers. We assume that it’s a form of quality control.

The brewery itself will officially open to the public on August 4 to visitors, and you can be assured we’ll be celebrating in a stylish way. Keep an eye on our blog and we’ll be sure to update you with all the latest news from Trondheim.

  • Espen

    This is gonna be good. Can’t wait.

  • Arnt Furunes

    Looking forward to trying out the new batches of Dahls pils and Lysholmer, and also very much looking forward to see what new and exciting brews will come out of the brewery!

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