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Hokkaido Calling: Sorachi Ace Returns to Japan


Long ago, a mysterious hop originally grown in Hokkaido made its way into the hands of Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver amidst the mountains of new varieties in Washington State. The hop was Sorachi Ace, and it was good: striking notes of lemongrass, citrus and even dill soared, quickly inspiring the recipe for its namesake farmhouse saison that remains a favorite in the Brooklyn lineup to this day.

Garrett, sorting hops in Yakima Valley, Washington.

We’re proud to announce that Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is returning to its Japanese roots, with regular distribution wherever you can find Brooklyn Brewery beers. We’re throwing a series of launch parties in Sapporo and Tokyo from May 10th to May 15th to celebrate Sorachi Ace’s arrival in its ancestral home.

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Join Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and the Brooklyn crew for a week of rare Ghost Bottles, fresh seafood pairings, live tuna carvings, tap takeovers and some serious parties across both regions featuring the best of Brooklyn and Japan. Check out the full rundown below:


Thursday, May 10th: Sorachi Ace Launch Party at Provo

Kick off the launch of Sorachi Ace in Hokkaido, the island where the legendary hop was born, with an all-out party featuring local seafood, fresh sushi made on-site and Brooklyn-inspired tunes and art.

Friday, May 11th: Ghost Bottles and Friends at Moon Sun Brewing

Join Brewmaster Garrett Oliver as he breaks out his private stash of rare Ghost Bottles and barrel-aged varities alongside locally brewed Japanese craft beers from our friends at Moon Sun. They’ve even brewed a beer just for the occasion featuring the legendary Sorachi Ace hop. 


Sunday, May 13th: Tap Takeover at Craft Beer Market

We’re tapping the first kegs of Sorachi Ace in Tokyo alongside Brooklyn Lager, Defender IPA and Bel Air Sour at Craft Beer Market Mitsukoshimae. Taste through each and stick around for rare bottle pours from Garrett and the Brooklyn team.

Monday, May 14th: Ghost Bottles and Friends at ØL Tokyo

Brewmaster Garrett Oliver will be bringing the Brooklyn noise with a huge range of rare bottles never before seen in Japan, featuring a dizzying array of mixed fermentation, barrel-aged wonders, fruit additions and vintages from our Williamsburg cellar.

Tuesday, May 15th: Sorachi Ace Launch Party at CITAN

Pair your glass of Sorachi Ace with fresh sashimi sliced right before your eyes in a live kabuki tuna carving ceremony. We’ll be getting down to back-to-back DJ sets featuring artists from Brooklyn, Tokyo and Norway and pouring rare beers throughout the night.

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