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Meet Us In Klaipeda: Welcome to Svyturys Brewery

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Remember last year, when we told you to pull out your atlas and locate the small, freedom-loving nation of Lithuania? Right in the heart of the port city of Klaipeda, we told you that we were developing a sleek new sister brewery, and that we’d tell you when the parties were scheduled. Now, a year later, consider our promise fulfilled: Svyturys Brewery is churning out delicious beer, and this weekend marks the first time the doors are open to the drinking public.

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And what awaits the drinking public inside, you ask? Step up to the bar and marvel at a spread of beers from Svyturys, especially their super-small-batch experimental series, Raudonos Plytos (or “Red Brick Beer Workshop.”) Chat with fellow beer drinkers, take a tour of the sprawling brewhouse, and stop in for a taste of the pairing menu at the on-site gastropub. If you’re feeling scholarly, there’s even a beer museum to whisk you through the storied history of beer.

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Now, we know you still have that old familiar question in mind: why Lithuania? To us, the nation and the region as a whole represent a bold new frontier for craft beer. Centuries-old brewing techniques, revered culinary traditions, and bold new ideas are coming together to create new and exciting beers, just as we’ve seen in craft beer revolutions the world over. We believe that spreading the word of good beer is a vital mission, and Lithuania is the latest locale to join the fray.

Whether you’re in Lithuania in time for Brewmasters’ Day on Saturday, July 14 or just hoping to visit at some point in the future, make sure Svyturys Brewery is on your must-visit list. Exciting things are just getting started, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.

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