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Australia has been quite an adventure for us since we started exporting there back in 2011. The Australian beer community welcomed us with open arms, and we’ve been growing ever since. Today, we’re proud to officially announce that we have teamed up with the Coopers Brewery and their import and distribution division, Premium Beverages to help foster that growth.

We have come to feel at home in Australia. CEO Eric Ottaway has made the journey to Melbourne three times to take part in Good Beer Week, and has returned each time saying it’s one of the best beer festivals in the world. Brooklyn co-founder and chairman Steve Hindy and Chef Andrew Gerson recently returned from this year’s edition and were similarly impressed. Local visitors to our Tasting Room in Brooklyn are regularly surprised to find themselves standing next to Aussies, often fresh from their flight around the world, who can rattle off their favorite Brooklyn Brewery beers and Garrett Oliver stories quicker than most people can scan the tap list. We’ve also had fun collaborating with our good friends at Mountain Goat Beer on a beer which we named Ridgy-Didge after an Australian expression.

Our time in Australia also contributed to our great relationship with the team at Coopers, who have been passionate brewers and distributors since 1862. We first met them in 1991 when we began distributing their beers in New York. They remained friends and suppliers until we spun off our distribution arm in 2003 to focus on our own brewery. As demand continued to surge in Australia, we found ourselves looking for ways to get more of our beer into drinker’s hands without compromising on quality, and found ourselves thinking of our old friends at Coopers.

In addition to taking over distribution in Australia, Coopers will begin brewing Brooklyn Lager in their state-of-the-art brewery later this summer. Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and Technical Director Mary Wiles will be working alongside the seasoned professionals at Coopers to dial in the Brooklyn Lager recipe just right, ensuring that Australia’s supply of Brooklyn Lager will always be fresh, plentiful and as delicious as it has been in Brooklyn.

We’re also very excited to tell you that Miro Bellini, who has been instrumental in helping to build the Brooklyn brand in Melbourne, will be joining Premium Beverages as the Brooklyn brand ambassador. Ever since we first met Miro, we’ve been so impressed with his passion for craft beer, his commitment to his customers, his boundless energy, and his enthusiasm for spreading the good word through both individual events and through his work on the massively successful Good Beer Week.

It will take some time to get everything perfect for the launch of the new draft Lager in Australia. Until then, we’ll make sure you continue to be able to drink excellent Brooklyn Brewery beers all around the world. We are very excited to be working with the world class team of passionate brewers and sales people at Coopers and Premium Beverages.

  • Tim Rogers

    I’m from Oz, so this is great news. On the downside, truly awesome beers like Sorachi Ace and Local No 1 are no longer being distributed, presumably as a result of distribution moving from Palais to Coopers. Can anything be done about this?

    • Tim Rozmus

      Never fear, Tim– wherever Brooklyn Brewery beers are found, others are sure to follow. You should also keep an eye out during Melbourne Good Beer Week, May 14-22, for some rarities and hard to find offerings.

  • miki

    Hi Miro,
    I have been trying to order brooklyn brewery beers in Sydney but i have not been able too.
    Do you know who cold help?


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