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What’s Brewing in Brazil?

Tasting Room busy bar

Our Tasting Room staff can tell you that among our most passionate visitors, few can match the fervor of Brazilians. Our history with Brazil goes back to 2010, when we sent the first shipments of Brooklyn Lager down to their shores. As a tropical country, Brazil knows a thing or two about refreshing beverages, and they welcomed our hoppy amber lager with open arms.

Today, Brazilian beer fans happily chase down our beer wherever they can find it, drink it with glee, and often let us know of their success over social media. We have worked hard to get fresher beer—and more of it—down to our friends below the equator, and now we have a new solution: we’re going to brew it right in Brazil.

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Our Brazilian team is ready to roll.

Brooklyn Brewery CEO, Eric Ottaway, and Brazil-based Maniacs Brewing CEO, Iron Mendes, have been working hard for many months to establish a partnership dedicated to brewing and distributing our beers in Brazil. The first two to hit the taps later this fall (well, our fall, their spring…) will be Brooklyn Lager and East IPA. With local production we will be able to offer plenty of fresh beer to craft drinkers in Brazil, something we’ll need if we want to keep up with our dedicated and thirsty fans throughout the country.

So the next time you’re in Brazil, keep an eye out for a fresh pint of locally brewed Brooklyn Lager or East IPA. Felicidades!

  • Eduardo Mignani Góes

    Yeah, nice. We hope better prices to drink Brooklyn here

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