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The Las Vegas Backyard Wall Presents: Travis Jackson

The Vegas Backyard Wall is a local Downtown wall settled in a residential neighborhood in the shadow of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. The wall is open to invited artists that have radical ideas for it. Each artist will paint over the previous artists work and will be documented by time lapse photography. Parties are held when the work is done to celebrate the work. 

With the first event under our belts, Travis tackled the wall with intensity. With eight days of painting, paper-transfers and immense line-work, Travis patiently dedicated his busy daily routine to bring the public this very special piece of art to the Backyard. Wonderful stories, laughs, amazing home-made curry, spontaneous ice-cream breaks and sushi comas filled the week of what would be known as “drippy tips”.

The night of the closing party, the crowd enjoyed well-rounded pints of the classic Brooklyn Lager and Brown Ale on tap. We couldn’t have asked for a better chef, as Josh Horton kept doling out slider after slider all perfect and mouthwatering. Who could not love bacon wrapped, pulled pork and kielbasa?! It seemed the food was never-ending and we are fairly confident the guests are still talking about it today.

As Las Vegas’ own The Steady Extras took the stage that was most recently set-up in the Backyard, all the former guests of these events were taken aback that we had provided yet another level of art to the night they had come to expect. The Steady Extras played with passion and vigor as our friends and fellow artists took it all in; as one guest commented: “their drummer doesn’t mess around, does he?!” The set ended with a rendition of the Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” and the wall was prepared ahead of time to “bleed” paint from the top edge of the wall, covering Travis art with dripping paint during the last song. However, as with all art, you never know if it will work until you try it. Well, we tried……..regardless, the wall was buffed over to a clean white slate for the crowd to be inspired with rattle cans, paint pens, and when those ran out of fluid, they resorted to sand art- raking intricate designs into the dirt-covered Yard with their hands. Travis brought some of his hand-printed zines and the art-lovers were encouraged to pick-up a hand-screened Brooklyn T-shirts that Travis had adorned with a graphic inspired directly from his wall piece that was now just a memory.

As with all of these events, the party winds down after the art is gone, and all of the Brooklyn Beer has been drank! Smiles and hugs and promises to never miss another event were shared with us as we said our good byes to everyone that came out to support the Las Vegas Art Community. Once again, the unbelievable emotions that come with knowing we are connecting our neighborhood and artists in a way that feels so organic is something that cannot be explained with our simple words.

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