Meet  the  Artist:  Ashley  Swope  


Meet the Artist: Ashley Swope


Visitors to our Tasting Room have a new mural to marvel at thanks to Ashley Swope, our Graphic Designer and the latest artist to take over the western wall in our Tasting Room. In addition to her everyday work on our designs and parenting one of the several official Brooklyn Brewery dogs, Barley, Ashley designed and painted the mural that will oversee our Tasting Room for the next few months:


From Ashley’s artist statement:

Ashley Swope is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and the Graphic Designer of the Brooklyn Brewery. After graduating from the Pratt Institute, Ashley brought her design talent to the food and beverage industry before her love of craft beer guided her to the Brooklyn Brewery. Her personal and professional illustrations prominently feature bold, clean line work, morbid but lighthearted humor, and beer.


From early on in her drawing and design career, Ashley was inspired by the rich style of traditional ink work often seen in tattooing and classical woodblock. She developed her approach to this aesthetic through pen & nib drawing before transitioning to a digital platform. She used the same technique to create the mural that now adorns the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room’s western wall. It is simple yet detailed and darkly humorous, depicting a skeletal siren discovering that the real treasure wasn’t the sailors she lured to the depths, but was Brooklyn Brewery beer after all.


Join us in the Tasting Room on Thursday, September 12 for the official premiere of Ashley’s mural, featuring plenty of her additional work for viewing and purchase, and a possible guest appearance by Barley (she’s very popular.)

If you enjoy Ashley’s work, follow her on Instagram at @ash_and_ink, visit her Etsy shop at Etsy.com/shop/ASHxANDxINK, and pick up a limited edition print of her Tasting Room mural in our Company Store. Just don’t wait around to come visit this new fixture— a new artist will emerge to take over the mural before you know it.


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