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[Yet another GABF t-shirt spotted.]

The Internet has been talking a lot lately about the Great American Beer Festival. So have the people here who are flying out to Denver, especially you know who. Don’t worry — my good and considerate coworkers got me a ticket months ago… is what I’d be saying if they weren’t a bunch of beer swilling slackers. Do they not realize how well a cat would get along with a crowd of of 49,000 people?

Because life has a funny, funny way of helping you out, I came across a very important news video of a pussy named Willow who made her way from Colorado to New York City. All I need to do is reverse that and I’ll be sipping Local 1, Local 2, Sorachi Ace, The Concoction and a barrel-aged stout Garrett told me I’d be fed to dogs if I mentioned beside the cool serenity of the Rocky Mountains.

The rent’s too damn high © here anyway.

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