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Steve's Legacy In Lebanon

Steve greets a soldier in the Middle East(above) Steve greets a soldier in the Middle East

For years now Brooklyn Brewery has been selling Lager in Israel and Turkey. Even before that, though, the story of Brooklyn Brewery really began in the Middle East, when founder Steve Hindy first picked up home brewing as a foreign correspondent for the AP. The Atlantic now reports that Steve’s success  story of crafting good beer has inspired the Lebanese microbrewery 961.


“One of the books (Mazen) Hajjar read, in the summer of 2006, was Beer School, an autobiography by Steve Hindy, the co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery. In the early 1980s, Hindy was a correspondent for the AP in Beirut, covering the civil war in Lebanon. (He later moved to Cairo, where he first encountered homebrewing, before graduating to the real thing back in New York.) More than anything, it was Hindy’s improbable tale, Hajjar says, that convinced him to try his hand at a homebrew. When he went to the States for the beer festival, Hajjar also scheduled a stop in Brooklyn, where he met his unwitting mentor.”

Read the whole story here.

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