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Be The Hero Of The Party

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We’ve all stood in front of the beer section of our local one-stop, paralyzed by choice as you mentally review your friends to try and buy beer for a party. You could go light, but your one friend is a real snob. One friend says, “anything not hoppy,” but your other buddy has a wicked lupulin habit. Then there’s your other, other friend, who once complained about something tasting “too beer-y,” and you haven’t fully trusted them since. It’s enough to make you ditch the party entirely, go home, and become one of those bizarre people on Tinder “to make friends.”

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Soothe your mind and stay away from the App Store, friend. We have you covered with the new Brooklyn Box Set lineup. Three bottles each of four beers ready for any palate:

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We’re bringing our underground favorite Naranjito to the light with its first-ever national release. It’s a friendly pale ale brewed with heady orange peel for an extra kick of citrusy aroma. It’s only available in the Box Set, so call over the snob for the rarity, and maybe tell them to relax a little. Hook up the G & T drinker for the night. And if one of your number only uses Tapatio or Valentina as a hot sauce, this is their new go-to.

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Next up, Brooklyn Pilsner, patron saint of all those seeking a clean, snappy bit of refreshment. If one of your friends is a hidden metalhead, this is what they’re looking for. That, and someone to ask about their last pit.

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Sorachi Ace holds sway in our Tasting Room as the go-to for people who either just can’t make up their minds, or who usually don’t drink much beer. One sip of the lemongrass, citrus peel, and verbena bursting forth from the bottle, and even the wishy-washiest drinker will be satisfied.

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Brooklyn Lager, reigning supreme as our flagship, is ready for anyone looking for a righteous balance of caramel malts, fruit-forward hop aroma and sheer drinkability. If we’re talking about a barbecue, give this to the person who has opinions about the “proper” char for burgers.

The next time you’re in front of that beer case, think to yourself: do I want to bring a Brooklyn Box Set and make everyone happy? Or do I want to inevitably make at least one person angry, which will slowly infect the entire room and ruin everything? Choose wisely, friend.

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