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Bel Air Sour, By The Bottle

BelAir22 web

When we first released Brooklyn Bel Air Sour as a Brewmasters Reserve last year, we were already proud of the work behind the beer. For over two years, our Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and Lab Manager and Microbiologist Drew Bombard labored to find the precise balance of sharp, clean acidity and tropical fruit they dreamed of striking in a sour ale. Brooklyn Edible captured the tale, and it’s well worth the telling. But what really matters is that Bel Air Sour emerged as something truly worthy of all that effort.

Everyone has their own favorite aspect of Bel Air Sour. Some favor the pineapple-and-ocean-breeze-in-your-hair aroma, courtesy of a lavish dry-hopping. Others praise the keen edge of the Lactobacillus-derived acidity. Your trusty author treasures how perfectly the sunny nature of the beer pairs with Hawaiian shirts. Visitors in our Tasting Room ordered it based on the name alone and found themselves coming back for more. Every drinker highlighted new flavors, aromas, and beachy vibes. But as we toasted after work and hunted down the elusive golden tap handle in our local bars, we couldn’t escape one fact: Brewmasters Reserves are brewed to be rare, and Bel Air Sour was rapidly running out.

We decided to say the hell with that, brewed more, and put it in bottles. And now, those bright, beautiful bottles are headed your way.

BelAir46 web

Take a second– really, pause and look up again– and enjoy the pink and turquoise label, the bright golden beer, and while we’re at it, that fabulous ski suit. Bel Air Sour stands ready to brighten any day, liven up any party, and generally give life the liberal dose of neon-tinged chaos you’ve been needing. It’s proven especially useful at adding some verve to the dark, drippy days of our own Brooklyn winter.


Unfortunately, there’s one catch: Brooklyn Bel Air Sour is still a limited release. Scour those shelves and keep an eye on your taps for those lively colors while you can. Before long, Bel Air Sour will roll off once again. Drink it fresh, share it far and enjoy. Most of all, remember to Party Tartly.

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