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Brooklyn, Italy

Our intrepid brewmaster, Garrett Oliver and slim, dark haired General Manager, Eric Ottaway have been torturing us  with tales of their current Italian adventure. We are embarking on a collaboration with the Amarcord Brewery, Italy’s most prominent microbrewery. Italy has undergone a craft brewing surge in the last 10 years, opening about 300 breweries. ANYWAY, for the first of several upcoming collaborations, we’re brewing Brooklyn East India Pale Ale out of their Appecchio brewery. Yes, Europe. Soon you’ll be able to have fresh East India Pale Ale on draft.

Even cooler/weirder than that is Garrett and Eric have been hanging out with Felini’s cinematographer, Tonino Guerra. (Dude shot La Dolce Vita and Amarcord, etc.) Guerra is designing the labels for Amarcord Brewery. The next collaboration between Brooklyn and Amarcord will be a beer called  Grand Cru. Guerra has already gone on the record to state that the label will incorporate a peacock, the animal that most exemplifies “the highest quality and greatest beauty.”

Laughing in Italy

Laughing in Italy

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