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Brewed by Amarcord Brewery in the small medieval town of Apecchio, Italy, AMA Bionda is a beer made specifically for the Italian dinner table. Designed by Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, AMA Bionda is a golden beer with a soft but complex floral and fruity character, born of aromatic malts, three types of hops, Italian Orange Blossom honey from Sicily, and water from springs that date to Roman times.

Here at Brooklyn Brewery, we love to vacation in Italy, and we got to know the folks at Amarcord when we started selling Brooklyn beers there. Amarcord is one of Italy’s great new microbreweries that are brewing beer with distinctive Italian accents, producing their range of beers in Apecchio, a small medieval town surrounded by the Appennini Mountains (Mount Nerone) and close to the Adriatic coast. They introduced us to the great cuisine of the Marche Region, and we decided to collaborate with them on a line of beers that would be worthy of the Italian table. Ama Bionda is the first in the line. It is perfect with seafood dishes, pesto, pizza and tomato sauces. Ama means “loves” in Italian, and AMA Bionda loves Italian food as much as we do.

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  • Jose E Gonzalez

    I was on vacation on New york this beer was recomended by a restaurant waiter excelent recomendation great beer and special presentation on its  bottle . Any perso who like drink beer could taste this  one

  • bobby

    Were can I buy this beer

  • Gordon

    You can buy this beer by the case (12 bottles) at Big Blue Beer in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

  • orain

    après dégustation , la Ama sera proposée au ” Welsh pub ” à Angers en France en blonde et en brune . félicitation au brasseur pour le bel équilibre des deux bières qui sont à la fois complexes et très accessibles .

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