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Life Is Breezy Again: Bel Air Sour’s Big Return

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We all remember launching Bel Air Sour last year. That picture above is from one of the first parties we threw with the label, introducing people to our previously draft-only Brewmasters Reserve in a whole new light. People loved it, in the way that we were fielding calls from our parents talking about how their friends were stocking up, and kegs were flying through our Tasting Room, and it seemed like everyone was in on the joy.

Then of course, the joy turned to pain, and we ran out of Bel Air Sour. It was bound to happen, of course. We were the ones who designated it a limited release. But to see it actually leave stung so badly, we immediately went to work to bring it back.

RCP_8256-bel-air-12-28-17_lores web

Bel Air Sour took a good amount of tinkering to be sure we could make it all year long. And we changed the package just a bit because come on, it looks incredible now. Mostly we’re just happy to see it again. Not in the way you reunite with a friend after a long time away, but in the way that you reunite with a friend after a long time away and realize that they’re now an incredibly cool rock star and they’re offering you a job as Enthusiastic Friend Who Hangs Out Backstage. You can’t beat that feeling.

Now we’re releasing Bel Air Sour to the world, and we’re excited to see what people do with it. The tart, quirky nature of the beer has a knack for pulling out unexpected pairings and parties. Perhaps you’ll see how it fits alongside karaage yakitori (thumbs up), or realize it’s the beer you needed for a marathon headbanging session with your best metal vinyl (tested and approved.) This could be the turning point that changes your wardrobe to mostly Hawaiian shirts (looking sharp.) Paint your house pink and teal and harness a fleet of plastic flamingos to replace your lawn (good luck.)

RCP_8182-bel-air-12-28-17 web

The point is this: Bel Air Sour is back, life is good, and you’re cool. Go out and enjoy it.

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