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We’re Building A New Brewery In Stockholm

Guess what? We’re building an 8,000 barrel brewery. In Stockholm, Sweden. Influenced by both American and Swedish brewing traditions, the brewery is a partnership between Brooklyn, D. Carnegie & Co. and Carlsberg Sweden.

“Historically, the Carnegie Brewery was known all over the world for its Carnegie Porter, a rich dark ale that epitomized the Baltic porter style,” says Brooklyn Brewery Co-founder & President Steve Hindy. “Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team will be working with Swedish brewers at New Carnegie to develop a new portfolio of New Carnegie craft beers, beers with a special Swedish accent.”

Remember student exchange programs? How about brewer exchange programs. Our new team of Swedish brewers will train here in Brooklyn and learn our deepest, darkest secrets, in turn Garrett and the Brooklyn team will take turns visiting Sweden to brew special Brooklyn offerings — like Brewmaster’s Reserve and Worshipful Company of Brewers releases — as well as developing some brand new beers by the end of 2013. To start, these offerings will only be available in Sweden.

The brewery will be built in the landmarked Luma Factory buildings in Hammarby Sjöstad, a residential and commercial complex that fronts on Stockholm harbor (pictured). The waterfront brewery will have brewing capacity for 8,000 barrels and include a public space with room for 100 visitors inside, and another 150 outside. Plans for local food vendors are also in the works.

If you’re wondering “why Stockholm?”… it begins with the mutual appreciation of beer, food, music, art and all around good culture shared by Brooklyn and Sweden (even leading some to ponder if Sweden is the new Brooklyn). Brooklyn Brewery has a long history with Sweden highlighted by the fun fact that Sweden is our largest export market and second biggest market overall (right behind NYC) thanks to our importer and partner in Stockholm brewery, Carlsberg Sweden. We used to distribute the seductively delicious Carnegie Porter in New York back in the day, and in 2011 we collaborated with Carlsberg to produce a bourbon barrel-aged version of this classic beer to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Carnegie Brewery. And let us not forget about the BROOKLYN, SWEDEN music festival we launched last year that sent over 15 Brooklyn bands to Stockholm and Malmö. You could say it was just meant to be.

Luma Ljusslingan.

[The brewery site anxiously awaits its fermentable fate.]

Luma Ljusslingan.

[A view made even better with a great beer in hand.]

  • kayluhb

    Wow, that’s pretty cool news.

  • Peter

    Nice ! I’m not far from Stockholm :)

  • Flacken


  • anders_62a

    This is greate news. A breewry in my hometown. Welcome to Stockholm.

  • JBS_SE

    That’s sad. Carlsberg sucks!

  • gnoff Berglund

    Sounds very nice, looking forward to it!

  • Nikki C

    No no no, you meant Belfast, right? You’re building a new brewery in Belfast?

  • Linus Svensson

    Welcome to Sweden! Looking forward to the coming line of special brews :-)

  • Tony Grönman

    Fantastic that you made it…Warm Welcome

  • @beer_revere

    Wanted to visit Stockhom for ages…will now wait tilll your finished building!

    • @beer_revere

      oops meant Stockholm!

  • HAMMARBY 1889

    So this is the end of Stockholm. Now gentrified and destroyed. Fun while it lasted, though.

  • Adam

    Yeeah! best new neighbour i could hope for! When do you open up?

  • knetten

    Billigare att ta över Vårbybryggeriet som Spendrup lägger ned.

    • a Pd

      Ja. Men – det ligger ju i.. Vårby. Det här är i stan, kan bli ett lyft för Hammarby Sjöstad som ju aldrig blev någon riktig stad utan mera en samling bostadsområden.

      • Sven

        För helvete. Ni får oss ju se ut som ryssar när ni pratar svenska här ute på stora vida webben. ;)

  • Malt:P

    This is wonderful news for us in Sweden.. Cheers and welcome

  • Tommy11209

    Ah great to see my boroughs beer in my favorite European city :) SKÅL ALLIHOPA!!!

  • Alexis Riise-Birger, M.P.D.A.

    Should traditionally be sited in Gothenburg, but who cares really? Great News! Porter Porter!

  • Davsu Sjöstan

    I hope we, your new neighbours gets an invitation to your opening day. Then I will be sitting outside on the balcony with a Brooklyn in my hand very often =) Welcome and thanks for the great news!

  • Valley

    :-) Be sure I’ll be there

  • Claes

    You are much welcome to brew you very good beer here in Sweden. Good luck with the venture

  • Jon Bergqvist

    Wohooo! This is just too good to bee true

  • Ty

    Great. I love this Brewery. Unfortunately they don’t sell any of their Beers in California. I had it when I was at arlanda last year. American Beers have come a Long Way in the Last 20 years. Good job. cheers Ty. PS I’ll be in Sweden this summer visiting the inlaws.

  • santa

    I hope this doesn´t mean that BB will be influenced by Swedish brewing tradition. Swedish beer (generally) is way too sweet and taste like puke. Why? The sugar content is way too high – thanks to the intimate relationship between the Swedish sugar beet industry and the brewers. The brewing industry is the one of the largest buyers of sugar in Sweden. Yes, Swedish beer was very sweet in the 19th century, and unfortunately this is still the case. If you stick to German and American quality beers the difference becomes very clear. Swedish beer like Spendrups, Carlsberg, Åbro, Three Hearts and all the garbage that Kopparbergs produce is NOT quality beer, but cheap swill. Hopefully BB can do better :)

    • Fredrik

      Since when is Carlsberg a Swedish beer? I’m quite sure it’s very very Danish founded by mr. Jacobsen and called Carlsberg after the local of the first brewery.
      Otherwise i couldn’t agree more. Typical Swedish lager from the larger breweries are crap…That’s why we have been so glad (and still are) to have Brooklyn here who can offer us a nice pint. I’m looking forward to a couple of new nice ale’s, american pale ales, IPA’s and PA’s from you guys. As a resident of Hammarby Sjöstad….the warmest of welcomes!!!!

  • Beerman next door.

    So you are moving in to the old library building.
    Will be interesting to see what you are going to name the first new beer to.

  • manfred tilge

    Just sipped another “BLACK CHOCOLATE STOUT”, released five days ago… WOW! One of my, few, favorites!!! Welcome to Sweden and the Capital!!! Cheers – make beer, not war!!!

  • PS

    This just made my day. I moved from Brooklyn to Stockholm in January, and was happy to find my favorite beer available here. Now with the new Brewery opening in Stockholm, i won’t be missing anything.

  • Steven

    As an expat Brooklynite who lives here is Hammarby Sjöstad, all I can say is “Welcome to the Neighborhood”.

  • Spielbergo

    Great and happy news, welcome!

  • Sunesjul

    Great news, men mälarvattnet? och går det använda kajerna till att ta emot malt?

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