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R.I.P. Monster: 1999-2012

Dear Friends,

It is with tremendous sadness to inform you that Monster the Brooklyn Brewery cat passed away today from kidney failure at the age of 13.

It’s safe to say that few other cats have received more attention and love (and table food) from more people than Monster. When he wasn’t working the crowds, visitors to The Brewery would find Monster perched above the Company Store watching/napping over his guests, and glaring eagle-eyed at any and all intrusive dogs. In his tenure as Tasting Room Host, Monster has made fans from across the world, and has been featured in the media via Animal Planet, Time Out NY and numerous magazines and blogs. Monster quickly became one of the most photographed objects in The Brewery, and aside from possibly Brewmaster Oliver has posed with more Brooklyn fans than any other member of the team.

We encourage you to share your memories and pictures of Monster with us. It’s hard to imagine 79 North 11th Street without him.

Monster, you will be missed.

– The Brooklyn Brewery Family

  • MattGarland

    We’ll miss Monster! Here’s a pic of him guarding the malt.

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    • November 2017 calendar


  • JaxBrewBitch

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Bless Monster and he was a very fortunate baby to have such a wonderful, loving  family to care for him. 

  • Mal

    This is the absolute saddest news of the day.  Monster was a fantastic cat who diligently watched over all the drinkers at the brewery.  RIP buddy – I’ll sure as heck miss ya.

  • ToeNee11

    Met the little guy back in December… he greeted us on our way out as we bought some merch.  So sweet.  Be strong guys… If I can find it, I’ll pick up some Monster Ale and toast him this week.

  • Kiesha

    I was just talking about Monster with a bartender at Keegan Ales where they have a dog and cat in the brewery. RIP, Monster. You did a great job.

  • Carrie Richardson Fry
  • rmblog

    Sad to hear of this R.I.P Monster

  • Alison Christine

    I have a folder full of pictures of the little guy…too many to post here.  If anyone wants them, let me know and I can email a zipped file. I know that after my kitty Fezzik died, looking at pictures made me feel better. I’ll attach one of Monster here.

    • Big City Little Kitty

      Post to flickr! You can make it a public group and anyone can add to it. Would be nice to have them all up. If you do, connect with me, nyseiler, and I’ll pass around. 

  • Jimmy Valm

    I met Monster just last week, and I was looking forward to working along side him in the Brewery. I feel honored to have met him at the least, it was obvious much he was loved there.

  • Julebaby16

    i never met him but he sure was gorgeous. Im sure the brewery wont be the same …very sad when our furry purries leave us.

  • Daniel McGowan

    Here’s up in cat heaven, obliterating all the mice

  • Louie from Yonkers, NY

    My condolences , very sweet cat always pet him when i visited the brewery. Monster you will be missed. RIP   Louie Yonkers,NY

  • Ali S

    I’m so sorry.  We loved visiting Monster at the brewery.  He really enjoyed cheese and was always such a gracious host.  I have tons of photos of him from a few weeks ago and will post later tonight.  My heart is sad.  

  • Nikingtonspa

    I only met him once last year but it was a pleasure and a privilege (and one of the main reasons for doing the brewery tour). I can imagine the place will never be quite the same again. RIP Monster.

    Here is the photo of that meeting:

  • Tim

    Wow, just saw him yesterday for the first time at my first trip to the brewery.  RIP Monster, you definitely seemed like you had a good life!

  • kristen

    such sad news! i started following monster’s blog last year and during that time one of my kitties had renal failure that became chronic renal failure/kidney disease that we treated for 9 months until she lost her fight with it in april… i had no idea monster had encountered the same kidney situation – i know all too well what a battle it is and how hard it is to lose a kitty to it. lots of love sent to everyone at the brewery xo

  • Daniel Mahon

    I will definitely be toasting Monster at dinner tonight, he was always there to greet you and made sure the pooches knew their place.

  • Katherine Rautenberg

    I’m currently sitting at work crying … I feel so lucky that I did get to hang out with Monster on several occasions. He was truly a most excellent cat and the best nondrinking drinking buddy a girl like me ever had. RIP Monster.

  • Calvin Williams

    I had the pleasure of meeting Monster many a Friday over the years. He was – and I hope I don’t sound too cheesy here – a cool cat. I only have two pix of him in my archives, I’m going to post my favorite of the two. Rest in peace to a cat after my own heart.

  • tara_schmitt

    I’ll miss my Monster!!  I just saw him July 1st.  I’m heart-broken!  I have some pics that I’ll post when I get home tonight.  MONSTER, my friend, Maria, passed away a month ago today, and she LOVED kitties!  Look out for her.  She’ll take great care of you.  Merry we meet, merry we part.  Merry we meet again!!  RIP, little man…

  • Simon

    Simply one awesome kitty! RIP Monster.

  • Bobw

    while setting up for a homebrew contest at the brewery a few years ago, monster followed us as we placed pitchers of water on 20 or so tables. unbeknownst to us till we finished, he tested each pitcher for quality control. i imagine him testing the fermentors and aging tanks after hours. very sorry to see him go… though i’d imagine a few nervous dogs who visit the brewery are relieved!

  • Christopher Michalkiewicz

    wwhat an awesome. Cat monster was and will allways missed…chris shleppers moving & storage…

  • Kristin Sirota

    RIP Monster :*-(  The Brewery will not be the same without you.   I just lost my little fur boy (Pippin) on June 30th.  I was so looking forward to seeing you again this weekend.  RIP little buddy.

  • Jen

    I’m really glad I was able to meet Monster back in December. He was a very cool little guy. My cats will be having tuna for dinner in honor of Monster. 

  • Greg A.

    I can’t help but feel like I just lost one of my own, he was one of the greatest animals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. RIP old friend.

  • Urban Oyster David

    He was there at our very first Brewed in Brooklyn tour in 2009.  He left a dead bird at our feet as a gift which we took as a good omen.  We’ll miss you little guy.

    Everyone at Urban Oyster

  • PaulX76

    Sad to see him go- as a down the block neighbor and dog owner – Monster tried to take a swipe at my dog and missed but sucks losing a pet – he will always guard the BK brewery

  • Jose Antonio Contreras

    Just left this on the Twitter, but here it is again. Met him last Thursday! :(

  • Winniem

    So sad to hear Monster has passed.  He was one cool cat!!  

  • Cindy VandenBosch

    Oh no!  This is devastating news.  Monster… we’ll miss you!!  I had no idea he was that old.  He
    certainly aged gracefully, a reflection of his barley wine namesake.  I
    will toast a glass of Monster Ale to the beloved brewery cat and sneeze in honor of his memory (since that’s generally what I did
    whenever we spent quality time together at the brewery).  Brooklyn
    Brewery folks, May you be comforted by the notion that Monster earned
    his way into cat heaven, a fantasy-filled afterlife, where he’s brewing his own beers made of  mice, birds,
    bunnies, and barley!

  • Firestone Walker Brewery

    Never had the opportunity to meet Mr Monster but any subtraction from brewing morale is felt by all.  Cheers to the life of a cool brewery cat, a very rare and special title. 

  • CCM

    You will be missed, Monster! I loved hanging out with you at Friday happy hours and your presence will no doubt be missed.

  • Ashley

    Monster 2 weeks ago

  • Ashleymbohan

    Monster last Friday being friendly

  • Scott

    So so sad to hear this. I’ve enjoyed Monster’s blog immensely and I’ll never forget my very first Brooklyn Brewery tour and seeing this happy little cat napping on the grain bags.  

  • Sheryl Yvette

    I cried too. I will miss Monster. When other patrons seemed surprised to see a cat roaming inside or outside the Brewery, I would explain – “That’s Monster! The official cat of Brooklyn Brewery! He has a beer named after him and his own blog!” Trips to the brewery will not be the same. Here are my photos of Monster:

  • Neil Parrish

    Very sad, met Monster whilst on holiday in New York for a week in September 2010.

    Neil & Diane, Warrington, UK

  • Neil


  • Lucien Sims

    Monster will be missed… I loved the little guy. Here’s my favourite photo with him, taken by my friend Aaron. 

  • Sharon, Wigan

    Poor Monster – we met him at the store one Smorgasbrewery Sunday during our trip to Brooklyn from the UK in February this year.  Loved watching him perched on the roof of the shop looking down on all the visitors coming in!  What a lovely cat he was, and I didn’t realise he was as old as 13 either.  Awww….

  • Tonibizz

    I am so sad to hear about the cat. He was the best security guard in the business. I will miss him keeping the dogs and drunkards in line. RIP!!!

  • Eva Cat

    Sweet Monster. You will be missed!

  • Stephanie McLellan

    RIP Monster. You’ll be missed.

  • Cole2173

    What a cute little guy he was.  His ease with large crowds and friendly demeanor made B. Brewery feel a little more like home.  Glad I read this before visiting again and getting my hopes up.  RIP monster

  • Tom Weeks

    Only met him once, but he was a sweetie.

  • BeerLover

    Aw, he was such a sweet boy. :’(

  • Amy

    RIP Monster… (Taken in March, 2010)

  • facebook-24202594

    Oh man. Here’s a pic with Monster and me only 3 weeks ago. Little dude loved his cornbread.

    • Iphone X Instagram

      whatta heck?

    • printable december calendar

      hahaah :D

  • Menotti Minutillo

    RIP Monster. You loved our turkey scraps :)

  • Absolut311

    I’m so devastated right now to hear of Monsters passing. He always made my visits there that much more special. RIP Monster <3

  • stephanie

    So sorry to hear about Monster :( He was one cool cat!

  • Mmcg527

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooo. It is with humility and a sad sad heart that I say goodbye! That many years ago, Steve Hindy gave me $20 and said ” go get a cat at the shelter and make sure he’s a good mouser.” Off I went. I looked at cats 3 times his age,cats with one eye, cats who had lost tails in street fights. When we had exhausted the supply,the woman said she had one more but that he was very young. Out came a beautiful little tabby kitten. I wasn’t a cat person but my heart went out to him! I took him back to the Brewery and the love affair with that cat and everyone who knew him began. When I left the Brewery,I missed him like he was a person,only better. And yes, he was an excellent mouser. Rest in peace,you special little cat soul.

  • The Batman

    You guys really need to have Monster Ale on tap in his honor this weekend.

    Just awful. RIP Monster, we love you!

  • Brooklynbrewery

    RIP Monster. Here he is making sure the Brewery is safe for the Brooklyn Brewsers tour on July 2, 2012


    RIP Moster. It’s hard to imagine the Brooklyn Brewery without him.
    Bar&Beer Magazine (Spain)

  • honeybaked_sam

    aw, monster made our trip to the brewery in may just that much more awesome!

  • Angela

    One of the best parts about visiting Brooklyn Brewery was getting to see Monster and my visit wasn’t complete until I did.  Cats aren’t exactly known for always being friendly but Monster seemed to have no problem allowing people into his home and coming up to greet him.  Here is a picture of him resting on what must have been a very comfortable bag of malt.  Any company that allows an animal into their hearts is a company worth getting to know! He really was an awesome cat and will be missed.  

  • Kevin

    Sister and I saw Monster about 5 days ago when we toured the Brooklyn Brewery. Got an intimate shot here. Monster was staring down a dog and making everyone really nervous. 

  • Kevin


  • Katemackey

    My boyfriend and I have lived in the neighborhood for years, and never met Monster until this past Saturday. We were instantly smitten with him and are very sad to hear the news. Here’s Monster, enjoying the summer sun last weekend:

  • erica

    i’m honored to have met monster the day before he passed.  he looked tired, but peaceful, enjoying the sun. this was taken on 7/22

  • Chris Budde

    Shortly after moving to NYC and having to leave her cats at home my fiancee discovered Monster during a trip to the Brewery. She loved when we would visit the brewery and she would catch a glimpse of Monster guarding the merchandise area while perched high above or had a chance to lovingly pet Monster while he made his way through the building. We’ll never forget you – you’re a memory of the city that will stay with us forever.

  • whloob

    I am saddened by this news. Monster was certainly a key personality at the brewery. I’ll always have this mental image of him, nestled comfortably by the Brooklyn Brewery logo.

  • John Dunlevy

    Sad news. I’m so happy I got the chance to meet him when I visited the brewery back in January. My sympathies to his Brooklyn Brewery family and all his many friends.

  • LIDolly

    Awwww…Monster was our welcoming committee when we arrived for our Urban Oyster tour a few weeks ago. RIP.

  • Chris

    I was blessed to meet Monster on my first visit to Brooklyn in June 2010.  Being a cat guy, he grabbed my heart.  He loved my attention and even followed me around seeking more of it.  He got it too.  So very sad that he’s passed but awesome to read some of these other stories and see the pictures.  Not many cats get to touch so many lives like Monster did.  RIP Monster!  

  • sheriffmitchell

    Very sad to hear the awful news about Monster. He touched the lives of many vistors including myself. Here is my tribute to the dapper little man.

    You will be missed Monster.

  • Carly McCloskey

    Best doorcat Brooklyn Brewery’s ever had. RIP lil’ guy.

  • Hedler

    A last goodbye…    :’-(  

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  • TFB

    We are going to miss you my friend.  This one’s for you

    • TFB

      Remembering Monster with some of the last Monster Ale during Monster Week; Monster is dearly missed and cannot be replaced.

  • Ricardo Rosa

    We met Monster last year and immediately feel for him. We were away from home and missing our own cat, who looks very much like Monster (although quite a bit fatter…). What a sweet and cool cat, to be envied by many beer lovers for living at great brewery!
    Ricardo Rosa and Eduarda Dardeau

  • Martin Henning

    U sure will be missed, RIP Monster. I wanted to share with u all this wonderful “chill-out” pic of Monster taken in June/July 2010 when me and my gf/now wife visited Brooklyn.!/photo.php?fbid=437752326325&set=a.437743641325.238794.592341325&type=3&theater

    I will have my next Monster Ale in memory of u, beloved fella!

  • Vamp13dnn

    Dear Monster – As I didn’t have the privilege of meeting you, may you be as happy and loved in the next world as you go over the Rainbow Bridge! I love to hear stories about our furry friends bringing such joy to people as you have! Also, kudos and blessings to everyone at the Brooklyn Brewery for being so loving and kind to the cats you have cared for! You are wonderful people!

  • Beer & Beyond

    Hard to believe. 
    He was in my arms just a month ago… :-(
    Super sad, but at least i got this one last memory photo.
    RIP Monster, you will be missed.

  • TheOrangeChannel

    RIP Monster…

  • Tara

    Awww, that is so sad. I loved to see Monster when we came to the Brewery. This picture is from March 2011…Monster keeping an eye on all entering.

  • Tavis

    RIP Skeptical Cat

  • Alie Shaper

    Oh no, Monster! He was a special kitty soul, had a real personality, and was a handsome fella to boot. He gave a lot of memories. I’m so sorry to hear about his passing. He will certainly be remembered well.

  • Matt Levy

    Awww Monster. May there be many bottle of beer and mouses in kitty heaven.

  • Kcwilson

    Monster and I, April 2010, during the Muller, Inc. trip to the brewery. Great cat. 

  • Maria Khan

    I like this blog.I’m really glad I have found this information.This post is really helpful for us. i certainly love this website, keep on it.Excellent post, I will be checking back regularly to look for updates.

  • Deidre57

    I didn’t get a chance to meet Monster, as I am planning my first trip to the brewery next weekend. But I was truly saddened to see the pictures and read all of the tributes to the little guy. He sounds like a great cat. 

  • Rassicahl1

    We were just there a few weeks ago and took several photos of Monster… very sad.  RIP little guy…

  • Tony Mangia

    Was saddened to hear of Monster’s passing!!  A truly amazing cat that will be missed tremendously!!  Rest in peace, Monster!!

  • gjprjct

    RIP Monster! You will be greatly missed. Thanks for keeping us entertained when we couldn’t get a seat and stood at the table next to the gift shop instead. (taken 2-18-12)

  • L. Golia G&G Distributors

    Monster, you will be missed. Thanks for always hanging out with us on our visits to the brewery. I raise my Brooklyn Lager to great brewery and a wonderful furry friend!

  • dkbk

    I was so sad when I heard of the news and read this article to see that it is real. I was looking at old photographs today and saw some that I have with Monster. Lil’ fella, you’re still missed. Hope you’re resting peacefully buddy.

  • Rodrigo & Fernanda Magno

    R.I.P.little fella.

  • Laurynas Rimkus
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