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Monster Ale RIP

R.I.P. Monster Ale: The Captain Goes Down With The Ship

Today it is with a heavy heart that we announce Brooklyn Brewery’s barley wine Monster Ale has reached the end of its run. But although this beer will no longer be produced, its spirit will live on… no, like literally: Monster Ale will age nicely for many years, so for those holding on to a bottle (or keg) there’s still some Monster out there left to enjoy.

After the passing of Monster the Cat, things were just not the same with Monster Ale. The Monsters had come up in Brooklyn together, enjoying an incalculable tally of beer fans assembled in the Tasting Room basking in the duo’s respective glow, and witnessing the birth of new arrivals such as Local 1, BLAST! and Sorachi Ace, now all on course toward legacies of their own. When Monster was laid to rest, the spirituous, malty libation could be seen aimlessly meandering through the fermentation hall, lazing about the brewhouse, and listlessly watching bottles fill up with beer in the packaging room, giving the sense to those close with this classic Winter Seasonal that perhaps the end was near.

But don’t worry, even though one of its members has passed, the Brooklyn Beer family may just have some new suds in the oven…

  • jen

    worst news ever! :(

  • Walker

    Is this true? I hope this is just candid camera stuff.

  • tim

    Just as long as they leave my chocolate stout alone…

  • Vader


  • TFB

    Our salute to Monster the day he passed, looking down at the Brewery from the heavens.

    • Guest

      Monster is dearly missed and cannot be replaced. Remembering Monster with some of the last Monster Ale during Monster Week.

    • TFB

      Monster is dearly missed and cannot be replaced. Remembering Monster with some of the last Monster Ale during Monster Week.

  • BrooklynBrewery

    It’s true. Monster will live on in our hearts and in our beer cellars.

  • Snowdog

    Get a new cat.

  • BulldogMurph

    First barleywine I ever tried. Also my personal favorite. tis a sad day.

  • Dave

    Let’s hope that resurrection of the dead will happen some day…

  • Marcia Marton

    R.I.P. Monster the Cat!

  • Sônia Pavan

    Hi there, i m from Brazil and y never drink this beer , please send one this for me here in Brazil ? e-mail: Zip 09530 060 number 633 Apartment 24 Contry Brazil City São Caetano do Sul Tks!!

    • Leonardo Teixeira

      Vc é parente do Marcelo Pavan?

  • Ed

    Damn, was my favorite…

  • Hideyoshi

    Monster Ale reminds me of the night when Hurricane Sandy had struck the NYC,that was my first NYC.It’s really sad but I can get “Brooklyn Lager”in Japan! I’m looking forward to see Monster Ale again!!!

  • speoples

    Noooooooooo. Tennessee needs its Brooklyn Barley Wine! New suds? You have piqued my interest. Keep shipping em South and we’ll keep drinking em.

  • Jeff Rich

    I have just picked up my first 4 pack of Monster Ale and I love it!
    Please tell me it is NOT true that it is going to be discontinued.

  • edogg

    Please make this beer again; it’s great stuff! :)

  • Oh forget it

    I may give up drinking. Finally found a favorite. So they kill it

  • Leonardo Taixeira

    Please don’t stop to produce this beer, it’s my favorite!!!

  • Moira Isaacson

    We miss Monster the cat. We’ve only been back a few times since his passing – just too painful…

  • DanBerk

    This is GREAT beer, with a chocolatey richness, floral bouquet, beautiful color and hopsy bitter! Only King’s County, NY could produce something so unique, I’m so sad to see it go!

  • Ron McBride

    So sad! Just had a bottle tonight of 2010 vintage and it was superb. Please make it again this year. My yearly fall ritual is to buy two full cases of Black Chocolate Stout, out here in the rotten state of IL, so do not even THINK of discontinuing America’s best stout by far.

  • Cellardoor

    Somehow I found a case of this stuff today!! Hope it’s been treated
    well because it’s time to make some room in the cellar.

  • rurugby

    I think it’s time for another barleywine named after a kitty. Like a Brooklyn Super Fluffy.

  • rickyleepotts

    I drank my last bottle of this last night during a Google+ Hangout On Air with the Craft Beer Nation. Such good memories of this beer, and it was an homage to Monster drinking it with friends. Cheers to everyone that has had the chance to try it.

  • Myrkr

    I just bought 4 of these in Perth and now I here this… I opened one tonight… I will be holding on to the other 3 … or drinking them very slowly

  • The Cosmic Avenger

    I wish I had known you were discontinuing it, I would have bought a few cases! It was one of my all-time favorites.

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