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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, The Belgian-inspired, single-hop saison described by Brewmaster Oliver as “sunshine in a glass” has reared its zesty white head for the warmer months, and is now available full time (and year round) via your finer beverage purveyors and drinking establishments. Enjoy it with fresh goat cheese (i.e. Westfield Bulk Chèvre), shrimp, smoked salmon, sushi, ceviche, prosciutto, curries, salads, grilled meats or by its elegant, refreshing self.

Read more for a list of places in NYC to find Sorachi Ace. Go here to email your local rep to find Brooklyn Beer near you.

+ Amity Hall
+ Aurora
+ Back Forty
+ Beer Table
+ Blue Smoke & Jazz Standard
+ Brooklyn Winery
+ The Counting Room
+ d.b.a.
+ Egg
+ Fresh Fanatic
+ Ginger Man
+ The Gutter
+ Half Pint
+ Keg & Lantern
+ Marlow & Sons
+ Momofuku
+ Rock Center Café
+ The Room
+ Spring Lounge
+ Spuyten Duyvil
+ Standings Sports Bar
+ Stout
+ Stritzenhaus
+ Tribeca Grill
+ Waterfront Ale House

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