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The Brooklyn Can Triumvirate

Since 2001, Brooklyn Lager was forced to face the lonely and burdensome ordeal of being the only Brooklyn beer in a can. So in 2011 when canned Summer Ale was introduced, our flagship beer was over the moon! We can only attempt to fathom the extent of Lager’s soaring emotions with the 2012 arrival of East India Pale Ale in a can.

“Whoever said ‘three’s a crowd’ has obviously not tried EIPA,” an exuberant canned Lager told Brooklyn Bloggery in the Tasting Room over an emotional weekend.

“We’ve been putting our beer in cans for more than 10 years, and it’s great to have Brooklyn East India Pale Ale join the party,” says Brewmaster Oliver. “Once considered a cheesy container for industrial beers, the modern can is now a great package. It blocks light, it keeps oxygen out, and you can toss it across a fishing boat or use it to throw a batter out at first base. However, we must deny that we have referred to our cans of Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Summer Ale and Brooklyn East India Pale Ale as ‘the ruling troika of beer’ or ‘our Dear Leaders’. They are, however, bringing ‘total beneficence to The People’. That part really is true.”

And now, in 2013, in a brazen move of impending good times, EIPA expands its hoppy realm to the coveted 16oz “Tall Boy”, a format believed by many to be Reigning Champion of the Beer Packaging Universe™. But although Summer Ale would delight in the following fact being stricken from history, let us never forget that the second Brooklyn beer to come in a can was not Summer, but a 4oz jump from the original.

So should welcoming weather be upon you, sit with good friends and cold Lager on the stoop, hold tongs in one hand and Summer Ale in the other at the grill, and accompany that rooftop view with sips of East India Pale Ale. Enjoy versatility: canned.

  • James Ermilio

    Wait a minute, this is preposterous.  Canned beers can’t talk.

    Or c-c-c-can they?  Now I’m spooked.

  • Nelson Piffer Jr.

    And the brown ale ???

  • MarkS

    Will we be able to find these cans in the UK , hopefully London?

  • thebaron

    tonight,is the night i saw the light,just finishing my first brooklyn it.

    im telling all my mates to look out for the brand,from the uk.

  • khalid

    Hey guys, love your work. Found this little idea from Heineken a while back:

    Ever heard of it? Brooklyn is synonymous with bricks no? It would be pretty awesome.

  • Vanilla Guerilla

    still haven’t been able to find Brooklyn Summer in Cans down here in Florida. Bottles are EVERYWHERE!! but still haven’t been able to find cans of Brooklyn Summer. 

  • TheIndian

    Ahh, my question as well…and the Brown to be canned as well???

  • lyrixx

    You guys REALLY need to help us locate Brooklyn in cans. IMPOSSIBLE to find.

  • dr feelgood

    everyone likes it in the can…. sorry had to be said

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