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The Weekly Sixer: July 8

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Time To Hit The Bars: Draft Magazine has published its updated list of the 100 best beer bars in the US, conveniently providing an excuse for a prompt road trip. Pick a region, plan your route, and come pick us up. NYC has some great spots, and we make killer driving playlists.

A Twenty-One Tap Salute: Eminent cocktail historian and author David Wondrich announced via Twitter this week that he will be stepping down as Esquire’s Drinks Correspondent after 17 years at the post. Wondrich’s encyclopedic spirits knowledge and undeniable style have been a mainstay for many drinkers, and his regular work will be missed. On the other hand, perhaps we’ll see a new book for our shelves. Cheers, David!

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Sunday Mornings Are A Little Sweeter: At long last, New York legislation has repealed a drastically outdated post-Prohibition statute that banned alcohol sales before noon on Sundays. This is big news for many bars and restaurants that rely on weekend sales, who will also be allowed to self-select twelve Sundays a year to serve alcohol as early as eight AM. As for everyone confused by this ruling because brunch at their local spot starts before noon: congratulations on putting an old, goofy law to rest.

Keeping Up With Cider: As long as you’re starting early, it’s worth exploring what’s new in the world of booze. Cider in particular is seeing explosive experimental growth in recent years, branching out far beyond the typical over-sweetened juice typically extended to your gluten-free friends as a pity offering. Read up and get to tasting– cider is here to stay.

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Between the Bubblies: By now, everyone has seen Wayne’s World and knows the geographic difference between champagne and other sparkling wines. But what about the finer lines between champagne and its revered cousin, prosecco? Study up with a deep dive on everything from grape types to fermentation styles. And just in time to save you from another watery mimosa, check out the cocktail suggestions and enjoy partying smarter.

And What About Those Bubbles?: As any college partier can tell you, bubbly drinks a reputed get you to a higher plane just a bit quicker. The truth of the matter was out until this week, when a study revealed that the effects of an alcoholic beverage would be felt faster, but overall intoxication levels would not change. To be honest, we’re not sure if this is a victory or not, but we can all agree that bubbles are more fun.

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