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The Weekly Sixer: November 3

pumpkin halloween dancing

Farewell, Halloween: Another Halloween has come and gone, which means it’s time for us to pack up one of our favorite gifs for another year. You could read that article about how exactly Halloween shifted into an adult-friendly drinking holiday, or you could just be thankful. We’ll be over here, hoping no one noticed our skeleton socks.

Stranger Things Beers Are Out There: No spoilers: Short’s Brew, a brewery in Michigan, rolled out three excellent-looking beers named in honor of the sci-fi smash hit. Just remember while you track them down: spoilers for Season 2 are lame. Season 1 is permissible to discuss in open company. Good luck, and hit us up if you have mohawk memes.

and there was much rejoicing

Martin Luther, Protestant and Beer Hero: On Halloween night 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his famed theses to his church doors and opened the floodgates that became the Protestant Revolution. What we really have to thank him for, however, is his tax-dodging love of hopped beers. Read on and pay tribute to the man who made your favorite American styles possible.

Beer Choir Near You: In other improvements on tradition, Beer Advocate posted a profile of the Beer Choir movement this week. It’s pretty self-explanatory: chapters around the country take a central hymnal of beer-loving compositions and organizes old-school choirs to breath life into their notes. Consider us warmed up and ready to chant.

muppets ms piggy invite

The Community of The Honeywell: If you’re looking for a welcoming, convivial cocktail bar that hurtles you back to the 70s, you’re hunting for The Honeywell. Brush up on their blend of traditions and stories, then get uptown and say hello. And believe your author: the Disco Inferno is more than just a fireshow.

More New Neighbors:  The third location of The Randolph has finally opened to the public! Head to DUMBO and enter their shiny new brewpub, featuring games, comfort food, and an array of excellent beers brewed by Brooklyn alum JR Jordan. There’s good odds you’ll see one of us there– we’ll be drinking the bitter and ordering more sprouts.

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