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The Weekly Sixer: October 20

The Weekly Sixer has returned from an unscheduled hiatus, dear reader. Thanks for tuning in.

beavis and butthead bus headbang

Even More Metal Beer: Our favorite topic is back! Mikkeller and Mastodon have come together in alliterative bliss to release Sultan’s Curse, a muscular bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. The band’s album artwork maps beautifully to the beer’s label, and we’re jealous of any headbanger who tracks this bottle down.

Bats Are Metal, Too: Bats are metal. Tequila is also pretty metal. Environmental care? Also metal. Bats aiding biodiversity and protecting the sustainable future of tequila? Pretty much as metal as it gets, friends. Raise your horns and check out the work heading to your local bar.

goblet drop

Bar Psychology, Volume 1: There have been a thousand and one articles about what your drink order says about you, but this compilation from Vinepair is easily the most thorough and the funniest we’ve seen in a while. Read through and analyze yourself– it can’t be worse than believing in astrology.

Get Thematic: Going to a well-done theme bar is like going to a good costume party, without all the work or walking home looking like a lunatic. Good thing Brooklyn has this roster of leading places, from geek havens to nautical escapes.It almost makes you want to open your own…then you remember how much work that would actually take.

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Mikkeller Part Two: Mikkeller has been busy, including not one but three Twin Peaks-inspired beers. The team collaborated with director David Lynch on Log Lady Lager, Red Room Ale, and Damn Good Coffee Stout. Just like that, we’re struck with a real craving for a piece of pie.

Geek Read: We send you into the weekend with this retelling of the long, occasionally bizarre history of the iconic Anchor Brewing Company. We’re doing our best to not make a Steam pun here, so let’s all repair to the bar and get on with celebrating fall weather. Until next week, dear readers.

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