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The Weekly Sixer: September 1

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Day Drinking Takes Skill: Luckily, Justin Kennedy has taken to GQ to provide some guidance. Whether your spine is buckling under the weight of your existential despair or you’re just looking to have a fun holiday weekend, his advice will take you from breakfast beers to nightcaps with minimal hiccups. Just remember to keep up the water and snack games, and you’re in good shape.

Jimmy’s No. 43 On The Ropes: Sad news hit this week when Jimmy Carbone, owner and proprietor of the legendary Jimmy’s No. 43, revealed that the bar may not be able to re-open due to longstanding rent issues. The Lower East Side is no stranger to these sort of stories, but there’s an extra sting when a craft beer icon is caught in the pinch. Our thoughts and beers are with the crew, and we wish them a speedy resolution.

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Good Taste Kills: New Jersey’s oldest resident, the 112-year-old Agnes Fenton, passed away this week shortly after giving up her daily drinking ritual. Prescribed alcohol to treat a benign tumor in 1943, Agnes obliged with a daily Miller High Life and Johnnie Walker Blue Label until shortly before her passing. We raise a glass to Agnes’ life, her taste, and her appreciation of an average drink price.

NJ Bars Take On Brewers: A handful of New Jersey bar owners have declared a boycott on the state’s craft brewers in the face of a new law that would allow breweries to treat their tap rooms as conventional bars instead of requiring a facility tour. The bar owners claim that this will drive up competition without requiring those breweries to pay for a liquor license; the breweries have in turn pointed out that this law makes perfect sense and cuts down on a massive administrative headache. Let’s hope everyone can have a beer and work something out, like Agnes would have.

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It’s Almost Cider Season: It’s still relatively summery, but a handful of cool nights have plenty of people flocking to the apple bins in preparation for autumn. Brush up on your cider types and get to the bars, which will almost certainly be bumping up their offerings for the cooler months. And remember, don’t sleep on cider when summer returns– it’s your perfect sidekick, waiting to shine.

But It’s Still Warm Out: We’ll send you off into the weekend with this rundown of where to drink, eat, and stumble about in Coney Island during the long weekend. Go forth and celebrate the hard work of many by kicking back for a bit. You’ve earned it.

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