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The Weekly Sixer: September 15

broad city flag salute

Bodegas Never Say Die: Look, we love a good vending machine. But when a tech company has the nerve to come after bodegas, we draw the line. Shout out to all the corner stores, the delis, the packys, the places on the blocks, or whatever you call your regular spot. Here’s to not just bizarre inventories of material goods and comfort food, but folks behind the counter who remind us all that people are people, every day, at all hours. Bodegas are here to stay.

Cheers, Alma Mater: Purdue became the latest in a line of universities producing their own officially-branded beer recently, stunning absolutely no one when it turned out to be in extremely high demand at football games. We’re fairly amazed that no one has thought to tap into this market before, but while the iron is hot: Fordham, I’m waiting for a call.


adventure time skeleton dance party

Cabaret Repeal Moves Forward: An NYC council meeting this week moved favorably for repealing our fair city’s outdated cabaret law, which requires an obscure license for venues to technically allow dancing. We hold to the belief that any party can be a dance party if you have room to groove, so we’re hoping for more good news soon.

AB Done With Craft?: According to a full statement which mostly focused on AB InBev cutting 90% of their High End sales force, the division is done purchasing craft breweries. While claims they are focusing on efficiency are understandable, it still doesn’t ring with complete conviction. Brewery friends, keep an ear out for ominous 80s horror synths…

pumpkin halloween dancing

Yo, It’s Fall: Or close enough that we can use this gif again, which is one of the best times of the year. Yes, we know it’s warm out, but that’s really just having the best of both worlds.

Locked And Loaded: We send you into the weekend with a long read from Aaron Goldfarb on one of the most peculiar corners of the booze market: liquor packaged in fake guns. Good luck, enjoy, and for safety’s sake, stick to regular bottles.

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