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The Weekly Sixer: September 29

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Nightlife Mayor Officially Established: With Mayor De Blasio’s signature on an order at House Of Yes, the long-awaited Nightlife Mayor office has officially been brought into existence. We know the office will handle all sorts of permitting, zoning, and further issues and opportunities for the city’s night spots, but other questions linger. Will the office require a zany uniform? Are nocturnal sleeping patterns required? Will we finally see the end of the racist-rooted and remarkably narrow-minded cabaret law? Stay tuned, dear reader.

Sixpoint Gets Appy: Our neighbors by way of the ferry at Sixpoint have released a brand-new app aimed at streamlining beer sales and their also-newly-open taproom. Customers can now order cans ahead of time and pick them up from the brewery, eliminating the block-wrapping lines of so many other brewery can releases. Pick it up and go visit the new place– the front doors are Instagram gold.

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Fireball…Bagels?: Look, we’re all for unorthodox food combinations, especially when it comes to combining booze and food. We would spend absurd amounts on an alcoholic ice cream with a real kick. But when we saw that The Bagel Nook created a Fireball-infused bagel, we had to take a lap around the block to feel better. Those of you with different college memories, have fun. And to The Bagel Nook team, please let us know if you need help.

But While You’re Taking A Lap: As long as you’re walking it off, you might as well find a new place to tie one on. Fortunately, Streeteasy rounded up the best beer bars in every NYC neighborhood. Whether you agree or not, this is bound to make your life easier the next time there’s an unexpected subway delay or out-of-town friend that needs impressing.

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Salute The Koozie: There are two kinds of people in the world: koozie loyalists, and people with wet fingers. Dive into the world of beverage holders, from slang terms to actual science. And always remember to carry an extra koozie; you just might convert one of your drippy friends.

Just In Time For Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest wraps up this weekend, and Paulaner has your complete guide to the ins and outs of the festival, the clothing, and the logistics of ordering beer by the liter. If you missed out, don’t worry. There are scores of Oktoberfest parties still to come around the world. Go forth and prost!

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