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There's Black Ops On The Horizon

BlackOpsBeautyShotphoto credit AteMrYeats’

An intrepid journalist over at did a little stealthy recon and unearthed some insider information on this year’s batch of Black Ops.


[12/9 Update: Garrett Oliver has updated the case count estimate to 1,200 and says that some beer should start to ship this week]

(Brooklyn, NY) – The first batch of Brooklyn Black Ops was easily one of the most talked about beers of the past year. It earned a 4.3 average on Beer Advocate, another beer that appears to be just outside of the top 100.

According to a post from Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, mid-last month, the beer “There’s slightly more than there was last year, about 1100 cases. The recipe is the same, but the ABV is slightly higher at 11.7%.”

Here is the info I just got from a brewery sales rep: “Brooklyn Black Ops will be ready to ship on December 16th. We will be producing around 1000 cases of Black Ops. This will be available in limited quantities in territories where both Brooklyn Local 1 and Local 2 are distributed. Brooklyn Black Ops is 100% bottle re-fermented.”

Sounds like a slight difference in cases but they’re both in the same ballpark.

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