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This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze

This Week in Beer is an aggregator of stories we thought were important & fun in our world of potables. If you saw something we missed or hate something we listed, let us know in the comments. 

“The USPS is the biggest beer distributor in the country, and nobody knows it.” Lucky Peach investigates the blackmarket beer trade. 

It’s one part Plated, one part Etsy, one part open-source software, and, possibly, a new way to homebrew. First We Feast sheds light on Kit Lab.

The Brewers Association style guidelines are a solid barometer for what’s trending in the beer world, with yearly additions like Chili Pepper Beers, Mixed-Culture Brett Beers, and Contemportary Goses. Check out the full list on All About Beer. 

When he turned his microscope on beer, he saw some of the most useful microorganisms in the world — but he failed to recognize them.” io9 introduces you to the first man to put beer under a microscope. 


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