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This Week In Beer: The News You Can Booze for the New Year

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Popping Off: New Year’s Eve is upon us, and soon enough parties around the world will be filled with a hailstorm of champagne corks. But why do they pop, exactly? The physics behind the corks, streamers, and those annoying party horns have all been answered for your geeky pleasure. It’s the perfect way to let those around you know that you might take partying a little too seriously. Well done, you.

Buy That Bubbly: How exactly should one go about picking out the right champagne for the evening’s festivities? Inside Hook has the quick guide to buying bottles without looking like a total rookie. We’d add one piece of advice: no one has ever been impressed by screw-top champagne, but no one has ever turned it down either.

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Punk is Dead, Long Live Punk: CBGB, famed bar, club and performance space that launched countless New York City underground bands in the ’70s and ’80s before shuttering due to rent issues in the early ’00s, is now open in a sanitized reincarnation at the Newark Airport. Helmed by Chef Harold Moore, you too can pursue nihilism by ordering American cuisine from iPads. Early reports indicate that the food is good, but no word on whether the bathrooms have been authentically replicated.

Metal and Beer Forever: It seems that Ethan Fixell is the resident metalhead at Food and Wine, as he put together this excellent list of metal-inspired breweries for headbangers everywhere to benefit from. Three Floyds, Allagash, and TRVE Brewing all made the list, and inspired us to throw on some classics and grab a beer. That usually doesn’t take much persuading, to be honest, but we appreciate it all the same.

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Barnes & Noble & Beer & Wine: A Barnes & Noble location in New Hartford, New York filed for a beer and wine license this week, spurring excited rumors that the chain may embrace alcohol at all locations. Anyone who has ever found themselves losing hours in the cafe section before guiltily buying the book you’ve already read half of will greet this with open arms. After all, what better way to enjoy your favorite characters than with a drink or two?

A Resolution You’ll Actually Keep: Homebrewing. It’s fun, messy, opens you up to some (admittedly justified) jokes about being a beer maniac, and is ultimately one of the most put-off hobbies people want to take on (somewhere below joining the gym, but above deep-sea fishing.) We recommend taking in some of the best advice you can find, getting way too excited, and taking the plunge. We look forward to hearing what you’re brewing in 2016!

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