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This Week In Beer: The News You Can Booze on January 8

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The Summer Of George Is Forever: The first and only George Constanza-themed bar in the world opened in Melbourne, Australia this week. Who knows how we as a species have existed for so long without an establishment to sip cocktails like The Hand Model and eat the staff-chosen “perfect pretzels,” but we can now plan our pilgrimages. If you book now, you could probably save a ton on airfare for their inevitable Festivus party.

Sitting In With Shaun Hill: Jason Stein of Paste Magazine caught up with Shaun Hill, Founder and Head Brewer at Hill Farmstead, for an insight into their plans for 2016, their brewing process, and their place in the loosely defined craft industry. Shaun is one of the most revered brewers in beer today, and this quick catch-up was a welcome look into the mind behind some of everyone’s (read: our) favorite beers right now.

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Who Run The World?: The crew at Thrillist released a list of ten badass women behind the scenes in craft beer. This is key reading material for craft drinkers anywhere: learn about these leading ladies, then go forth and meet the women hard at work at your favorite breweries. Craft beer has had a pretty tough “boy’s club” rep for a long time, and these women are leading the charge towards a more equal industry for all to enjoy.

Lots of Love for Left Hand: Colorado brewery Left Hand Brewing Company announced this week that their charitable work in 2015 amounted to just over $687,000 raised through community outreach and events. A tip of the hat to them for their excellent community work and for inspiring all of us to further our own efforts in 2016. Cheers, from Brooklyn to Longmont!

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Jester King Expands Domain: Serfdom puns aside: Jester King Brewery purchased 58 acres of Hill Country land surrounding their brewery this week, outlining plans to preserve the beauty of the land and establish sustainable practices to reap the benefits of the ecosystem around them. They will plant their first crops in the spring, with plans underway for a vineyard and orchard in the near future. This is stellar news for Austin-based beer lovers, who now have an entirely new reason to brag about their local craft beer scene.

Bourbon, Bourbon Everywhere: But not a drop to drink. The thousands of dollars worth of stolen Pappy Van Winkle bourbon that were recovered by law enforcement this year after busting a bourbon-stealing ring are destined to be destroyed. Julian Van Winkle III and the distillery voiced their desire to sacrifice the pilfered bottles due to concerns over bottle tampering. While we understand the decision, we all expect to feel a deep disturbance in the Force the day the whiskey goes down the drain.

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