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Betting on Baseball: Brooklyn Vs. Boulevard


Combining the beloved American traditions of baseball and beer, Simon Thorpe, president of Duvel-Moortgat USA, owner of Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, has accepted terms of a (serious) wager offered by Brooklyn Brewery co-founder and chairman Steve Hindy earlier today based on the outcome of the impending Mets-Royals World Series. The losing city’s brewery must pour the winner’s beer from their own taps for a week, and each man must wear the opponent’s ball cap and toast the victor with their representative beer. The pride and pints of both cities are on the line.

We believe Simon struck first in the traditional smack-talking that must follow such a wager, informing Steve that the blue of the Royals cap would bring out the “sparkle in his eyes.” Steve responded that his eyes are, in fact, hazel, and the cap wouldn’t be a good match. “I can certainly see you in orange and blue,” he told Simon. This gentlemanly exchange surely carries serious venom, we think.

Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, a Queens native who grew up cheering for the Mets, suggested the wager. We were unable to reach him for a comment this morning, as his sole response to all communication recently has been to bellow the time-honored Mets cheer: “YA GOTTA BELIEVE!”

We believe, Garrett.

Met fans, follow us on Snapchat at BrooklynBrewery to watch the games with us. Let us know if you’ve gathered in New York or with fellow expatriates beyond to raise a hometown pint in one of the bars below or your favorite watering hole. Above all, remember to believe.

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Check out these bars (and plenty more) for Brooklyn Brewery beers and all the World Series Games:
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Greenwood Park
The Rock Shop
200 5th
Roebling Inn
The Ruck
Lionheart Pub
Wolff’s Biergarten
Croxley’s Ale House and Eatery
Harlem Tavern
At The Wallace
Turkey Nest
Heights Tavern
1020 Bar
Allendale Bar & Grill
City Bistro
Famished Frog
Glen Rock Inn
Lucky 7
Riverside Inn
Dublin House
Johnny Mac
Olive Branch
Salt Creek Grill
O’Connor’s Public House
Healy’s Corner
Astoria Brew House
Katch Brewery & Grill
Mad Donkey
Uno’s Cafe
Beer Belly’s
Bourbon Street
Uno’s Cafe
Mad for Chicken
Pine Restaurant
Austin Ale House
Irish Rover
Tavern 18
Miller’s Ale House
The Pour House
Rock Rock Cafe
Olde Village Inn
Bootleg Manning
Liberty Cafe
Miller’s Ale House
Double Days
Lazy Boy Saloon
Ron Blacks
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  • Skeggjold

    /Me Salute Never had brooklynbrewery going to have to find some and try it. Thank you Mets and NY…

  • Brandon Snook

    Thanks in advance, Brooklyn Brewery, for the extra Boulevards I should be drinking this week.

  • Juli Borst

    Does this mean I can get Boulevard on tap at LIC Bar? Please, please, please say yes.

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