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The Many Ways To Use A Coaster


Coasters are the savior of slick fingers and wood finishes as summer heats up. We’ve been spreading a new lineup of coasters far and wide, but one of our favorites is a list of ways to re-use your coaster that our Green Team put together. It’s a great start, but we knew we couldn’t fit all of these bright and not-so-bright ideas on one little coaster.

Allow us to present a full list of ways to re-use your coaster, just in time for summer:

  • Pizza tray for hamsters
  • Terrible paper airplane
  • Learner’s throwing star
  • Sort of but not really help mop up a spill
  • Save your beer for a bathroom run
  • Sneeze guard
  • Comically sized monocle
  • Miniature signal fire
  • Smoke signals for short conversations
  • Horse blinders for one-eyed horses
  • Dainty hand fan
  • Unfortunate frisbee
  • Level a table
  • Replacement board game spinner
  • Toy car spare tire
  • Itty-bitty mouse pad
  • Passing scandalous notes
  • Practice unflattering portraiture
  • Flavorful Communion wafer
  • Two-sided Dreidel
  • Terrible hat
  • Anti-anxiety shredder
  • Stain cover up
  • Temporary washboard
  • Practice drum
  • Schmutz scraper
  • Mitzvahs
  • Pizza cutter
  • Sand castle funnel
  • Taco shell reinforcement
  • Dental braces for a sock puppet
  • Castanets
  • Postmodern art piece
  • Emergency back up last minute toilet paper
  • Bug hoverboard
  • Portable privacy shield
  • Unappetizing gum
  • Awkward floss
  • Expert level ping pong paddle
  • Hot sauce deflector
  • Backscratcher for close itches
  • Low-temperature spatula
  • Tambourines on mute
  • Cyclopian sleeping mask
  • Earmuffs for temperate climates
  • Cheekbone enhancer
  • Tiny foods platter
  • Codpiece
  • Miniature kindling
  • Bass kazoo
  • Leftover dip extraction method (LDEM)
  • Shoe lifts
  • Flat Earth model (not for classroom use)
  • Juggling practice
  • Oversized spitball ammunition
  • Belt buckle
  • Bonker
  • Flammable discus
  • Shoulder pads
  • Color swatch for your living room
  • Chinese dragon eyeball stencil
  • Terrible pickup line
  • Giant coin toss
  • Coaster for later

Have a few bright ideas? Hit us up at #coasterconcepts and let us see your genius in action.

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