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The New Face of Brooklyn Lager

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Our award-winning amber lager is stepping out in a big way. The next time you see Brooklyn Lager in the store or in your friend’s refrigerator, take a minute and examine the fresh new label. From a distance– say, down a bodega aisle, or peering past your friend’s leftovers– you’ll still recognize the signature Lager green and gold. But as you get closer, the colors reveal an intricate collage of all things Brooklyn. A keen eye will pick up borough landmarks, brewhouse artifacts, stories, hidden jokes, and more, including:

+ Green taxis, for your outer borough travel needs
+ Brewmaster Garrett Oliver’s famous hat
+ Our local subway stations
+ General George Washington on his horse, checking in from the Grand Army Plaza
+ Things you won’t notice at first, then won’t be able to stop seeing around you

The collage is a tribute to and product of the bold spirit and ever-changing surroundings of our Brooklyn home. We are fortunate enough to be neighbors to some of the most interesting people, communities, and scenery in the world, and we’re proud to put it forth on Brooklyn Lager. Pick it up and let us know what you see. It’s worth taking the time to look closer.


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