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The Weekly Sixer: January 5

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This Land Is Your Land: A group of inventive New Zealanders wanted to celebrate the New Year with a few drinks outside, but ran into problems with a law banning public drinking. Their solution? Build a tiny island and claim the laws didn’t apply since they were in “international waters,” of course. The laid-back local police chief’s response was that he “would have joined them” if he knew the plan. It looks like this will be a big year for small landforms.

Yo Quiero: A Taco Bell in Rhode Island has started selling an exclusive beer, undoubtedly to the joy of local tortilla junkies. Taco Bell has a long reputation for introducing weird and wild food items, but the beer is a straightforward Mexican-style lager produced by Four Sons Brewing. The chain says it is unlikely for the beer to spread throughout its other locations, so hey: here’s your first road trip of 2018.


The Drinks of 2017: Your friendly omniscient knowledge source Google compiled the year in search to shine a light on the most popular drinks in the past year, and some other stuff too. The Margarita topped the list, with Mojitos in second and seasonally-appropriate hot toddies in third. Somehow, “Scotch by yourself” missed the top ten, but we’re sure Google is looking into it.

And While We’re On The Topic: Speaking of 2017, what trends did you see emerge in your drinking? If you said “somehow got worse at bar trivia,” you need to study. Start with this list of popular shifts from the year past, and let’s all agree to spend just a little less time photographing our drinks.

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A Matriarchal Restaurant: Top Chef competitor Chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins is opening a new modern Mexican restaurant in San Diego named El Jardin and intends to run it as a women-centric business. Chef Zepeda-Wilkins credits a long line of strong women for her inspiration, and seeks to cast off the “patriarchy of cooking” endemic to much of Mexican cuisine. The restaurant opens this spring, but we’re thinking of getting in line early.

Beer Without Buzz?: We send you into the weekend with a literally sobering look at the emerging trend of non-alcoholic craft beer and spirits. Several European countries already have competitive markets for beverages that taste great without making it hazardous to go back to work after lunch, and the idea is starting to turn heads stateside. We recommend having a beer and being thankful you don’t have to exist in the drinker’s equivalent of the “decaf or regular” world just yet.

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