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The Weekly Sixer: June 9

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Heavy Metal Beer Pipeline: The celebrated Wacken Festival kicked up the brvtality this year when they announced a plan to build a pipeline to carry ample beer to the fairgrounds. For the environmentally conscious, this is an excellent way to cut down on fossil fuel use from delivery trucks and garbage and recycling concerns from packaging. For metalheads, it is proof that we party harder than anyone else. Horns up.

Ultimate Pen Pals: In other beer transportation news, the Maine Brewers Guild recently shipped a 40′ container of their finest beer to Iceland for the BjórFestival on June 24. This is no regular shipping container, as it’s been fitted with 78 taps to allow immediate access to the beer within. Icelandic breweries will then fill the container with their own favorites and ship it back for Maine’s Summer Session Beer Festival on July 29. This sure makes our elementary school letter program feel inadequate.

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War Pigs Ride: 3 Floyds and Mikkeller are bringing their celebrated War Pigs collaboration stateside. They will now brew in the original Copenhagen location and in the Midwest, much to the joy of anyone who loves great beer and, yet again, heavy metal. There’s no word yet on how far their distribution will spread, but keep an eye out for the twin heads near you.

Clear And Present Danger: Clear alcoholic soda and cultural punch line Zima has once more reared its bizarre head, as Walmart announced they are reviving the brand this year. Some claim that it is a reaction to the increasing spiked seltzer trend, but we’re mostly hoping they make more of those bizarre commercials.

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Booze and Ice Cream: Somewhere beyond the juncture of art and science, there’s mashing together comfort food and sweet, dear alcohol. With summer upon us, there’s no better time to give a roster of Ben & Jerry’s and liquor pairings a try. We would say that in the winter too, but it’s definitely less weird when it’s warm out.

Why Tiki?: As anyone who has worn a Hawaiian shirt to a wedding can attest, there are many questions that come along with following the tiki lifestyle. Some say escapism, some say novelty, others just get excited about novelty mugs. Take a dive in, and remember to tiki responsibly.

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