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The Weekly Sixer: March 31

scott pilgrim gets it

The Craft Revolution, Visualized: We all know about the stunning rate of growth that continues to be a hallmark of the craft beer revolution. But what do those numbers actually look like, and which parts of the country led the charge? Vinepair has you covered with a sliding heatmap spanning the renaissance from its early days to now. Check in and see when your home state caught on to the trend.

Howdy Neighbor: Greg Doroski of Threes Brewing orchestrates some of our city’s finest beer, spread between their regular facility in Gowanus, a new pop-up in Greenpoint, and a pending facility on Long Island–and does it all while building in a commute from the North Fork to spend more time with his family. In addition to redefining “train beer,” Greg should inspire you to stop grumbling about your two-subway commute for up to ten minutes at a time. And to drink more pilsners, of course.

harry potter raise your wands

Fire at Union Hall: Popular Park Slope bar, venue, and bocce spot Union Hall is currently closed to to fire damage after a blaze caused the club to evacuate last Friday night. There is currently no word on what caused the fire or when the team will re-open, but the team is sticking to a commitment to open the doors again soon. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to many more nights trying and failing to remember the real rules of bocce.

Tequila From The Sky: The Mexico Tourism Board installed a functional tequila cloud in a Berlin art museum to encourage people to leave the rainy spring of Germany and book a trip to Mexico. The cloud converts tequila into vapor and “rains” on command, and we assume you can then slurp up the resulting puddles. No word yet on if the cloud has inspired any parodies of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, but we’re totally claiming that if no one else is stepping up.


The Future is Soonish: Thanks to a helping hand from Strongbow Cider, Swale, a barge containing a floating ecosystem, will visit NYC again for the temperate months. From April to October, people will be able to board the vessel and spit directly in the face of natural order as land retakes the sea. Or, just enjoy a tremendously nifty bit of design and enjoy the occasional cider-laden party. Your call.

Nerd Moment– Dry Shaking: Bartenders across the country have been arguing over the relative merits of a “reverse dry shake”– one shake over ice, followed by one without to build texture– to create the foamy nature of a good egg white cocktail. If you’ve wondered this yourself, read on. If “dry shaking” sounds like a way to save money on laundry, get in there and learn something before you take off for the weekend.

  • Matthew Hurst

    Just as an FYI, the link to Swale need to be updated. Currently links to the same tequila article as above.

    • Matthew Hurst

      FYI the link is still to the wrong article?

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